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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

The Problem With Angela

The strength of "He's Watching" is the ambiguity of the protagonist Angela Pierce, who is a successful financial consultant and was recently made partner in the Apex corporation. But an echo from Angela's past arrives in her office seeking to become a client. It is Kyle Miller, with whom she had a romantic relationship during college.

In their twenties, Angela and Kyle were both idealists with Angela dreaming of becoming a writer of fiction. Kyle went on to become a famous photographer. But Angela chose a more practical career after opting for an MBA and working in finance. She is also about to be engaged to Michael, a similarly practical person and successful litigator of class action suits.

Angela makes a number of mistakes when Kyle returns in her life, the first of which is in using poor judgment to accept him as a client. She then meets him outside of the workplace. After a dinner, Angela returns home, phones Kyle, and invites herself over to his place. They subsequently engage in sex, and the next morning, Angela feels remorse and informs Kyle that the previous evening was a mistake. But it wasn't a mistake from Kyle's perspective.

Until he goes off the rails with criminal activity, Kyle was clearly treated shabbily by Angela. In college, she broke off their relationship, giving the reason that she felt that she needed to live independently. Now, once again, she cuts Kyle out of her personal life and does so with a remarkable insensitivity.

Whereas life seemed to be a struggle for Kyle, everything came easily for Angela. Even Michael forgives her after receiving footage of the steamy night Angela spent with Kyle. In the film's denouement, we learn that in less than a year after being fired from Apex, a now very pregnant Angela has become a bestselling author with a blockbuster novel based apparently on her ordeal with Kyle.

Even in death, Kyle Miller was exploited by the woman who once loved him when, in better times, they both believed in the words of the poet e. e. cummings: "One's not half two. It's two haves of one."

Reviewed by tomfsloan5 / 10

Just like Daffy Duck

Another one of "those" movies. Very typical with average acting. But again, it's also entertaining. You watch it waiting to see what happens next, even though you already have a pretty good idea. Angela's confrontations with Kyle were far from the best acting moments. And why do Kyle and Michael have to look similar? Like most Lifetimesque movies, Michael gets clobbered with a baseball bat to the head, but he's fine. Just like Daffy Duck. Kyle gets shot and he's down. But he gets up again raring to go, just like Daffy Duck. I liked Linsey Godfrey's hair for no other reason than it was different from 98% of all the other typical leading ladies. I also liked the sets and locations.

Reviewed by momsipadonly4 / 10

Horrible lead actress

This movie would have been a great movie. Compelling story line and other actors performed spectacularly but the lead female in this movie was like a wet blanket. No emotion weird facial expressions and just all around terrible acting. Such a waste of a good movie and otherwise great cast.

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