Herbie Fully Loaded


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Agreeable Disney's love bug Wolkswagen after many years without adaptations

This comical Herbie story concerns about Maggie(Lindsay Lohan),recently graduated,she receives a gift from her father(Michael Keaton),instead a new car she takes a magical Wolkswagen Bug named Herbie with a mind of its own from a junkyard.Herbie takes her for a ride and stumbles into ¨Kevin car shop¨run a mechanic(Justin Long),a former friend from her.Maggie,Kevin and Herbie undergo a test drive and takes spontaneously place a race cars against the racer Murphy(Matt Dillon) and results to be Wolkswagen the winner.As always,Herbie the love bug,is helping the young couple find romance but encountering all sorts of hilarious obstacles along the way.Herbie with the number 53 intervenes in the biggest race cars located in Daytona to compete in the Grand Prize, acting as pilot Maggie substituting her brother(Brenkyn Meyer) ,a challenge among top competitors circle the world's most famous racing circuits and quickly slipping in the ranking.

This typical Disney slapdash film displays great loads of amusement,fun,giggles,race cars and is pretty entertaining.It's an enjoyable movie for kids and for those who like cars racing round and round and bounds and leaps by Herbie.The actors seem to enjoy immensely,Lindsay Lohan,a real star with ¨Mean Girls¨,plays of sympathetic manner and Matt Dillon as excessive villain is top notch.After several years with no rendition is shot this delightful film,the original film turns out to be : ¨The love bug¨(1969)by Robert Stevenson,followed by ¨Herbie rides again,Herbie goes to Montecarlo,Herbie goes bananas¨among others and a TV series followed,the most part filmed by Stevenson and Vincent McEveety and usually starred by Dean Jones. The actual version is amusing and with lots of laughs but is a familiar film .The motion picture is correctly directed by Angela Robinson.Worthwhile seeing ,it's a great fun to watch.

Reviewed by bkoganbing5 / 10

Low On Gas

Four films were made by the Disney Studios with Herbie the enchanted Volkswagen during the Seventies and Eighties and the little car with a heart proved to be quite a money maker. So much so that the Disney Studios decided that once more around the NASCAR track was a good deal for the Magic Kingdom. They even got the current teen queen Lindsay Lohan to star in this one.

One thing you can bet on, with her current publicity both with her substance abuse problems, her parental problems, and all the speculation about her sexual orientation, Lindsay's pretty well gone as a star of G rated movies from Disney. I hope her adult career which shows a lot of promise with Georgia Rule is a big success for her.

She's outgrown Herbie for sure. In this film she's the daughter of former NASCAR great Michael Keaton and she'd like to follow him. But he being the old fashioned type says do more girlish type things. A trip to the auto junkyard for a used car brings her in contact with Herbie who seems to have fallen on bad times. But it's an instant karma for Lindsay and Herbie. He even brings about a reunion of Lindsay with a former boyfriend who is a mechanic. Talk about one practical thinking bug.

Villain of this film is NASCAR driver Matt Dillon, one rather arrogant individual who Herbie shows up. And Dillon KNOWS it's the car outsmarting him, that it's haunted somehow, but of course like in all these films can't get anyone to believe him. He uses some psychology on Herbie and it almost works though.

Herbie Fully Loaded is nothing special, the franchise has run low on gas with this one. Back in the day such folks as Don Knotts and Buddy Hackett were great foils for the car, but they're gone now and no one took their place for this film. Still Lindsay's fans will appreciate though I'm sure she's glad to be doing more adult stuff now.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

OK throwback to old silly family movie

Herbie the Love Bug Number 53 has fallen on tough times. He's in the junkyard ready to be scraped. Ray Peyton Sr. (Michael Keaton) is struggling with his son Ray Jr. (Breckin Meyer) to pay the bills racing. Sr. takes his daughter Maggie (Lindsay Lohan) out to buy a car from the junkyard. Tomboy former street racer Maggie wants a muscle car but Herbie intervene. She and her old friend Kevin (Justin Long) fix up the Bug. Despite promising her dad never to race again, she gets into a street race with arrogant top racer Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon) as the mysterious Maxx.

It's going for the same silly family fun as the originals with limited success. A couple of things bug me. The first is Lohan's constant squealing. It may be cute for some but it gets a little annoying. The second is that everybody goes nuts over Maggie making an offhanded comment about liking Trip's car. The CG Bug isn't quite the same charming old VW Bug. The movie probably needs a good comedian to clown around. This is OK but not that good.

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