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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by craigahrens9 / 10

A "9" from me

This film is terrific on every level!! This is true indie filmmaking at its finest. This film is just flat out good!! I thoroughly loved the two lead actors. They did such a great job (bravo to casting). They gave incredibly compelling performances. My hat's off to both the writer (Mike Shelton) and director (Marc Hampson). The story never got boring and the pacing was spot on. Anyone looking to be entertained, will enjoy this film like I did.

Reviewed by JGReviews9 / 10

Really Interesting Indie Relationship Drama

Hello & Goodbye is a really interesting indie new release on Amazon Prime. The first thing that jumped out at me with this film was the evocative imagery. Hello & Goodbye has really compelling lighting, framing, and the occasional sweeping drone shot that are particularly remarkable given that this is likely a moderately budgeted indie film. The plot concerns two exes as they reunite and seem to connect and understand each other in ways that they had not when they were together. I like these movies where the acting does not feel "performed," rather it feels natural like we are observing people we know. Hello & Goodbye takes its time where necessary, and excels in creating a unique mood and atmosphere for this story to grow. I enjoyed this movie and I think those who like a really good indie relationship drama will enjoy it as well.

Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI10 / 10

Terrific Indie Storytelling

With great fascination, I watched the excellent "Hello & Goodbye" through its ending credit scroll, during which a screen shot states, "We had a cast of 2 and 5 crew...just twelve people made this film happen." If you truly love what beats in the heart of soulful indie filmmaking, you'll see it in spades throughout "Hello & Goodbye," and will recognize that statement as a well-earned source of pride.

The film introduces us to a couple autopsying their breakup throughout the course of a single rejoined night together. This two-person show consists of Drew (Peter Weidman) and Beth (Tybee Diskin). They're awkwardly trying to be friends, but wounds are raw. It comes to pass that "Hello & Goodbye" is a terrifically well-acted film -- "indie" or otherwise -- and the actors expertly sell the aching tenderness of a newly-separated couple in post-traumatic exploration mode.

At its best, independent filmmaking can outflank its major studio counterparts by avoiding the sheen and artifice Hollywood surely would have slathered all over this movie. "Hello & Goodbye" rises to this exact benchmark as art which truly reflects "real life." And that's not always something we can say about films playing at the local enormodome.

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