Haunted Universities 2nd Semester

2022 [THAI]

Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Plot summary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hafidzuddin-190211 / 10

Bestest film

This story is the most compelling story in the world, don't forget to watch.

Full of unexpected scene scenes, jump scare, jump rope, you jump i jump all there

Happy watching.

Reviewed by hijaz-431741 / 10

Super boring

The movie is pointless. Wasted my time with my wife. It has 3 short stories which are not scary at all. They're just plain stupid.

For someone who hates horror movies, honestly this is the worst (at the moment).

Reviewed by wanderlustdreamtraveller8 / 10

The Unexpected

Before watching this, I've read a lot of reviews and it seems to be disappointing. However, this film is terrific in some way. 3 short stories has no connection between them but each gives us a lesson.

The first story about a girl, Mesa, who can see ghost for her entire life and she cannot stand that, so she decided to end her life. I think that the main plot of this one is about the friendship between 2 girls and one problem: depression. You can see the marks on her wrist right before she jumps, that's her self-harm scars, which means, she has been suffering from her stupid ability but no one could understand her, and supposing that Mesa is just making a scene.

The second story is about a med student, Tan, who has been hiding his disease and keep studying higher to become doctor. For me, this one carry such simple message. It's just about how to be a good doctor since everyone is chasing for money.

The third one, which I found pretty interesting, is actually a comedy/parody. Like the other 2 stories, this one wanted to tell us that life will continue even we failed, so don't give up and keep moving forward.

To conclude, this is not a must-watch film, but you should see it, like to entertain yourself.

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