Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scottstanleysmith10 / 10

Regardless of your faith, this is a fascinating documentary

As a journalist, I have had a long relationship with the Krishna movement and give it a lot of respect, even though I have another path. I learned a lot about the founder of the movement and was impressed by how articulate everyone was, whether part of ISKCON, religion scholars, or celebrities. It shows the little-known beginnings, the challenges, and how the movement counter intuitively became embedded into America's diverse culture. I think anyone would benefit from meditation and chanting from time to time and the movement's festivals are joyous.

Reviewed by caitanyamahaprabhu10 / 10

Your Fortune

There is nothing more powerful, more beautiful. There is nothing more wonderful, more satisfying. There is nothing more real than the ocean of love of God flowing throughout the world from the presence of God's name. Reach for the top, and find your eternal self. Get real, life is wonderful beyond our imagination.

Reviewed by anxiousgayhorseonketamine9 / 10

Balls of Steel at the very least ...

Well whatever one's views of gurus and specifically here of Sri Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada ; one has to say the man had balls of steel and superhuman energy. I believe he turned up in 65 with about one dollar in his pocket in Boston and created a worldwide movement which keeps spreading so one of the best businessmen of the second half of the 20th century surely ... and then on top of that he translated huge quantities of Veda into English at a level of erudition applauded by many scholars then and now ... also was attacked by deprogramming idiots on the make who were kicked off into the tall grass by the Supreme Court ... rascals he would have said :]

So Prabhupad we take our collective hats off to you ... Haribol! and many thanx

The documentary has a lot of interesting footage from the early days with the early players and some interviewed recently .... pretty well stitched together but no masterpiece .... the story told tho is a masterpiece and then some...

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