Hard Hit

2021 [KOREAN]

Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright75%
IMDb Rating6.2101502

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Chang-Wook Ji as Jin Woo
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Woo-jin Jo as Sung Gyu
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Kyung Jin as Ban
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toskomst7 / 10

90-minute thrillride

The main character in "Hard Hit" is taking the kids to school one morning - a boy and a girl - when he gets a restricted call. The unknown caller informs him that a bomb has been placed under his seat. It will explode if he leaves the car.

This is all you need for 90+ minutes of frantic action, I guess, and the unknown caller soon supplies a demand and an explosive argument for making our hero do just like Toto. That is hold the line.

The reliable supporting actor Jo Woo-jin tackles his first lead role playing an ordinary bank employee who gets pinned behind the wheel. His rapport with Lee Jae-in, playing his daughter, provides a human element in all the frenzy. He's understandably desperate. I mean, I would be too, if I had to handle at least two phone calls simultaneously while at the same time calm the kids down and actually drive the car.

It's a saddening reminder of COVID-era realities, by the way, to see beaches and intercity highways in Busan all but deserted with no CGI enhancements needed.

The movie is a remake of an excellent Spanish thriller, "El Desconocido" (2015),starring Luis Tosar in one of his best roles. The Korean version follows the original unusually closely, to such an extent that all they've really done is to translate it to the Korean idiom. And both movies surely owe something to "Speed" (1994) and Dennis Hopper's scheme as the bad guy.

Anyway. The movie keeps the pace up, and it never feels as if the entire plot actually takes place inside or in the immediate vicinity of the hero's car. The unknown caller is online most of the time (those familiar to K-movies and K-dramas will undoubtedly recognize the voice right away),and the Koreans do love their phones and gadgets.

The flow may get a little lost with subtitles, I imagine, but this movie worked for me, built around its ingenious plot. So fasten the seatbelt. Or then again, thinking of the unfortunate hero, maybe better not.

PS: The Korean title refers to a "Restricted Call" as opposed to the meaningless English title, and in everday slang, it's also known as a "black call". Shouldn't miss a chance to show off...

Reviewed by ramisaakter6 / 10

A decent revenge thriller

I haven't watched the Spanish or Hollywood version of this movie. So,I found it quite interesting. The movie is thrilling. I loved it. One thing that I'm disappointed with is it should have showed the back story more broadly. As the whole the man was driving a car with a bomb in his along with his children's seat. It was all about driving the car whole time and contacting with people to collect money. But when the reason or I can say the culprit is found, the culprit reason of taking revenge is rarely shown.

Reviewed by tccandler6 / 10

"Speed" crossed with "Phone Booth"... a good thriller.

This is a remake of a 2015 Spanish film, which will also soon be remade in Hollywood with Liam Neeson at the helm. The premise is exciting -- combining elements of Keanu Reeves in "Speed" and Colin Farrell in "Phone Booth". Hostages, Bombs, Car Chases... It's all fast-paced and well produced. My one quibble was the final outcome. I wish they had been a little braver in the final ten minutes.

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