Hard Cash


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Val Kilmer Photo
Val Kilmer as FBI Agent Mark C. Cornell
Christian Slater Photo
Christian Slater as Taylor
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Daryl Hannah as Virginia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Action packed , fast pace and suspense in a well constructed thriller

The film concerns an ex-con named Taylor (Christian Slater) , after being released from jail but again he's going on bad deals . He has a daughter , a beautiful little girl , and a gorgeous girlfriend (Sara Downing). He hooks up with a group of delinquents (Daryl Hanna , Balthazar Getty , Booken Woodbine , Verne Troyer , among others) who swindle a mobster (William Forsythe) and scheming a spectacular as brilliant robbing but then become embroiled into unfortunate events . As they discover the cash is fake and it is marked. Later on , Taylor becomes involved a corrupt FBI agent (Val Kilmer) who kidnaps his daughter . After happening a series of plot twists until an explosive final .

This thrilling movie is a tough , terrific adventure in grand larceny , containing run-of-the mill action , violence , car pursuits and numerous killings . This routine story about a drifter again enticed into crime is skillfully constructed , economically produced and competently acted , but displays some ridiculous and embarrassing moments here and there with ups and downs scenes . It's combined of matchless suspense , minimum characterization and thrill-load movie . Christian Slater is good , Val Kilmer as ambitious agent is cool although appears top-billing , he has limited screen time . Special mention to Verne Troyer in a sympathetic role . It's realized in low-budget , thus the car scenes are made in transparency and being produced by Millennium Films (Avi and Danny Lerner , Trevor Short , Boaz Davison) usual of short budget movies . The motion picture was professionally directed by Servian director Peter Antonijevic who previously made the more thoughtful and brooding ¨Savior¨ . Rating : Average but passable .

Reviewed by gazineo-13 / 10

Hard to Watch!

Innept and boring action flick in which an ex-con (Slater) with some strange partners (including Miss Hannah in a lame performance) pull out an audacious robbery but are mistreat by a corrupt FBI agent (Kilmer). Senseless and vulgar, this movie is a real example of the bad influences within the late productions of America cinema. Hard to watch in every way with a ridiculous ending that agravatted the final result. I give this a 03 (three).

Reviewed by jmarcel5 / 10

Okay flick

This movie received alot of negative reviews. The "special effects" were cheesy, especially the background car scenes. You could tell the actors were in a prop car in front of a blue screen. The editing was rough an alot of places.

I actually didn't hate it as much as I thought I would after reading all these "worst film ever" reviews. Maybe that is what it takes. Expect the worst and you'll think it is "okay".

Slater is good in this one. Kilmer is over the top but good as the quirky bad guy. I had fun with this movie. I thought it could have ended better, but overall, it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen. It has the predictable "get me out of here before the bomb explodes" scene and the double crosses and such so don't expect anything new. If it comes on cable, you may want to check it out if nothing else is on. I wouldn't recommend going out of the way to rent/watch it though.

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