Happy Together

1989 [CN]

Action / Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ebiros28 / 10

One of the best Hong Kong love romance comedy

Kenny Bee is an upwardly mobile young executive in a corporation that doesn't have such high reputation when it comes to business ethics. Cherrie Chung is a reporter for a Hong Kong TV station who's determined to expose company Kenny is working for. Kenny Bee has a neighbor (Vivian Chow) who he's been like brother and sister for a long time. One night Kenny Bee end's up totally drunk together in a taxi by accident with also totally incognito Cherrie Chung and goes home together. Kenny's work buddy takes some pictures of them innocently sleeping together (neither is too drunk to notice what's happening). Next day Cherrie visits Kenny at his office to interview him and his friend is showing the picture of them together in bed through the office window. Pandamonium breaks loose. Later Kenny is shopping at grocery where he bumps into Cherrie again. By pure coincidence they both gets robbed by the same thugs and have no money to go home. So Kenny gets invited to her apartment she shares with Chimy Yau. through the ups and downs, romance forms between them. Kenny decides to go public with the corruption his company is involved in. Cherrie sees this on a TV in a show window. Cherrie runs over to Kenny to express her love amidst Hong Kong taxi strike.

Three of Hong Kong's best talent gets together in this one of the best love romance comedy made.

Reviewed by funang7 / 10

The most beautiful HK female stars

Happened to catch this almost forgotten gem on cable channel during one unsuspecting lazy afternoon. The forever beautiful Cherie Chung stars as an independent minded and sometimes hot-headed female news reporter who runs into the mild mannered and innocent young executive, played by the charming Kenny Bee. Their initial encounters, like many formulaic rom-com, were riddled with outrageous misunderstanding and disaster (Both drunk strangers unknowingly got into the bed together. Worse still, poloraids of them were taken by Kenny's office pals and turned into office pranks) Very soon however, the mutual hatred and politeness develop into romance, as Cherie moves into Kenny's apartment. Like many rom-com, no relationship will run smoothly without any conflict.

The script pays extra attention in setting up and exploring the issues that two very different people in love will have when they decide to share their lives together. A bigger social commentary is attempted in unethical corporate practices (which pre-dates Enron),but picture works better when it stays focus on the love-hate relationship of the cohabitants.

The main difference between this movie and other rom-com is the 3-dimensional characters, enhanced by the performance and chemistry of the leading stars Cherie and Kenny. Two other popular and very beautiful HK starlets of that era, Vivian Chow and Chingmy Yau, play supporting roles who despite having little screen time, add to the eye-candy. If you're a sucker for rom-com, there are the usual ingredients, and a little extra topping to satisfy. Even if you're not a rom-com fan, the gathering of the most beautiful Hong Kong female stars Cherie Chung, Vivian Chow & Chingmy Yau, will be a good reason to re-watch this sweet little picture...

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