Happy Old Year

2019 [THAI]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ks-605006 / 10

Throw past for better future?

Having new apartment by get rid of all the stuff in the past. It sounds damn easy but it occurs to the lady who think also but actually not. Stuff is dead but memory it recalls is priceless. When the daughter decide to throw his dad piano, her mum breakdown. It just makes me feel why my parents won't throw stuff for the sake of their reasons. It's a light movie but good one for some thinking too.

Reviewed by Sir_AmirSyarif8 / 10

Sparks joy by embracing the melancholy of its story

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit's 'Happy Old Year' sparks joy by embracing the melancholy of its story. Thamrongrattanarit uses the metaphor of Marie Kondo's KonMari method as an analogy of a concise psychological portrait where self-discovery, the confrontation of the past, as well as letting go of the burden that tormenting memories become necessary tasks to start over from scratch. A simple yet important message about the need to start afresh, but also to remember the people and memories along the way. Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying excels with her engaging and captivating performance.

Reviewed by MarcoParzivalRocha7 / 10

Happy year!

Jean decides to adopt the minimalist style and throw away almost everything she has. Among useless objects, she finds a camera that reminds her of the past.

A nice Thai film, winner of 2 trophies at secondary film festivals in Asia, which turned out to be a good surprise. The pace is slow, there's no over the top dramatic moments, even when we find out about shocking revelations for the storyline.

I felt that the narrative was like a river, with a destination (flowing into the ocean),that runs through several key points, some where the current can be more dangerous and put the characters at risk and others where calm and tranquility reigns.

It's a film about leaving the past behind, in a peaceful way. Memories are good, but we cannot hold on to them if we want to achieve fullness in life.

Chutimon puts body and soul to the character and is undoubtedly the starting engine that brings life this melodrama.

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