Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by Kirpianuscus9 / 10


Half of charme of its seduction force is represented by the frustrations of the viewer, not so different by Toby Simpson. Half is represented by the well craft of director, actors and atmosphere of festival.Having a high contribution , the conversion of an aromatherapist of an ordinary guy is just nice. A significant contribution , sure, has the status of crazy/imposible dream of story, the dialogue, the poetry are just useful. A charming reminding about dreams and plans and freedom of youth in precise manner.

Reviewed by alenacliss6 / 10

Fake Reviews

It's fairly inoffensive with the lead resembling a poor man's simon pegg. Why would an attractive 20 year old hang around with this whiney boring 40 year old with his annoying life? Then she makes the moves on him... he looks more like her dad. It's ok acted and fits the brit romcoms but lacks somthing, feels a little bit like a university final year media project Cringe when she flies off the handle to make a finds girl-loses girl- finds girl narrative, wish she'd told him he was miserable at the beginning. Wakes her up by stroking her with his wrinkly hand and giving an awful picture. like creepy stalker. 70% of film is like following a dad and his daughter around a festival. save your money and go to an actual festival.

#good : festival vibe, script, female lead, her singing #bad : boring first half an hour with him in suit, making me feel like I want to throw him off the bus . Grooming someone who looks as young as his daughter. Having to watch his naked body and sex scenes. Him going psycho over a one night stand and half a skunk chocolate brownie

Not the worst film in the world, but shame on those fake reviews making my expectation so high

Reviewed by Prismark105 / 10

The only way is up

Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson is an independent British film shot on a micro budget.

It is a labour of love for writer and director Patrick Makin who has made his film debut here. Much of the filming took place in Bristol.

Toby (Alexander Perkins) is making a journey of self discovery. His boss at work is awful, he is late to pick up his needy girlfriend at the airport, his dad is pestering him about a promotion at work and it is his birthday. On his way to the airport, he ends up in a bus, gets talking to a girl Renata (Edyta Budnik) an aromatherapist who is on her way to a music festival. Toby joins her because a man in a purple hat seems to have stolen his watch, wallet and mobile phone and he needs to get it back.

Toby starts off in a suit and tie but with Renata, he becomes looser and his artistic side comes out. Toby is a natural artist. He also tries juggling and eats hash brownies. Slowly he falls for Renata.

This is sweet simple film. The two leads have a good chemistry, it feels rather natural although the appraisal meeting with his boss was rather contrived. However it is Toby having a walk on the mild side rather than the wild side.

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