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Patty Guggenheim as Women's Empowerment Groupie
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Heather Graham as Honey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smatysia7 / 10

Sweet and charming

I quite enjoyed this film, especially being a long-time fan of the three lead actresses, especially Angela Kinsey. Full disclosure: I'm a guy, and therefore cannot always relate to the tribulations of womanhood. Even so, I found it entertaining, poignant, sweet and charming.

Reviewed by Kamurai257 / 10

"Candlight Ephiphany"

Really good watch, could watch again, and can recommend.

Heather Graham, Angela Kinsey, and Stephanie Beatriz play off each so well in this. It honestly reminds me of "Bad Moms" without kids and less ridiculous.

This is a "chick flick" in its truest form. It's not good (or bad) because of that, but it's just a focus of the movie, feeling lost and empowered as a woman character. They make an excellent choice in using Chris D'Elia to portray the chauvinist industry of movies (if to a bit of an extreme).

This is also the second time I've seen Johnny Knoxville play a priest, unsettling both times.

While the concept of candle based witchcraft is somewhat intriguing, it's just a mechanic (same as the workshop) to interweave the multiple story threads. It would be a little more satisfying if they had a more legitimate bond than "we met this one time" established at the beginning of the story. On the other hand it makes the formula flexible enough that it could be that they joined through AA or a convention, so I can see the use of doing something like this.

The movie is charming, and it's good (refreshing in the very least) to see feminine perspective of a romantic / sex based humor of this quality.

While I think this is better than average, it's not quite "Bad Moms" level of humor.

Reviewed by mike-c-b5 / 10

The first 15 minutes is genius

It's an 'electric relationship action-movie', but there were too many scene-breakers.

The work-boss "villain" acts like an over-confident misogynist one moment, then a careful thinker the next...

Most of the other scenes drag on too long with mumbling and the ladies just standing their hating themselves for no reason...

I'm a life-long fan of Stephanie Beatriz, but she didn't play to her real personality (fiesty, direct, vivid, level-headed) except for a dominatrix part and a few other scenes, she stretched to be electric like Heather Graham.

Heather is great but you have no idea what her goals are in life except finding the right guy by accident, as she doesn't appear frustrated at anything.

All the guys in the movie are portrayed as confused

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