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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Good setting, poor story

HABIT is a British vampire flick from the north, set in a grim and gloomy Manchester mostly during after hours. The film's strength is in its attention to detail in terms of social realism, with characters who ring true to life striving to make the best of their bad situations. The setting is also a breath of fresh air from the usual London surrounds you see in these films. However, the cliched vampire story is where this falls down. The unenterprising lead takes a job as a doorman at a massage parlour but soon discovers that something sinister is going on within. It's trite stuff, featuring a couple of energetic turns from genre regulars William Ash and Roxanne Pallett, but little else.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain5 / 10

Okay for a low budget horror movie.

The acting in Habit wasn't bad so that's already something but I can't say it's a satisfying movie. For that the story is a bit simple, not enough elaborated, even though the plot is pretty straightforward. It could have been better, now it's just about cannibals eating some random victims. They don't tell you why they do it, how they became like that and so on. The horror scenes are pretty gore so for the fans of that genre it's a good thing. For a low budget movie it isn't all that bad actually but it definitely could have been better storywise.

Reviewed by Foutainoflife5 / 10

Not Impressed

This film is about a young man, with a sad family history consisting of suicide, parental abandonment and mental health issues, who finds a girl befriending him and taking him into a seedy world of sex parlors and cannibalism. He has to make a decision to become part of this group, who call themselves a family, or get out. The more he sees the more entrenched he becomes.

I'm not really one for cannibal horror. I did like the Hannibal Lecter series but I think it was due to how much psychology and intelligence played roles in the films. This isn't a very clever film. It relies a lot on the use of a sex parlor to draw their victims in and that just comes off kinda cheap to me. I would've prefered to have seen something a bit smarter than just the simple use of sex to catch prey. I mean, it works but it's just not very creative.

The quality of the film is not terribly bad. There were some scenes that leaned towards an artsy look. The actors seemed to be decent and the story was okay. There was some gore to it and they didn't mind rolling around in blood. So, if you are into blood covered boobs, this film has it.

All-in-all this isn't awful but it ain't great. Even though I don't care for cannibal movies, I want to be fair so I'm giving this 5 stars. If you like cannibal movies you may very well enjoy this much more than I did.

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