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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by secondtake7 / 10

What a great situation, and great acting, in a fast little farce.

Grumpy Old Men (1993)

The set-up is so funny, and it's so great to see Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau at it again, you have to laugh even though the jokes are often more silly than funny. It's a feel-good drama despite all the hysterics. Maybe the best moments are Burgess Meredith as Lemmon's father, delivering crude old man lines with enough raw disregard for everything to sink a ship. "Did you mounter her?" he asks his elderly son.

Obviously a hit enough to lead to "Grumpier Old Men" two years later, also funny but less fresh. And check out the Meredith outtakes on YouTube--just type his name and look for the "Grumpier Old Men" clip.

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

To me, it was more a sweet slice of life movie instead of a comedy.

I enjoyed "Grumpy Old Men" but was surprised as it seemed less funny than I expected and was more a poignant slice of life film...especially at the end. This is not a complaint...just an observation.

The story is about two neighbors, John and Max (Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau) who seem to hate each other but who also have a long history and a complicated relationship. They act as if they hate each other but over time it's not so clear. During much of the movie, the pair argue over a younger woman (Ann-Margret) who moves onto their block...they each want her and it only stokes their rivalry. See the film to see where all this goes.

The best thing about the movie was the acting. Late in the film in particular, the actors (particularly Matthau) show amazing range without even saying something. A real touching story...not to be missed.

Reviewed by bkoganbing8 / 10

Geezers in love

After a hiatus of over a decade Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau came gloriously back in parts to suit their senior citizen status in Grumpy Old Men. They may move a little slower, but their comic timing hasn't slowed up one bit.

The setting is a small town in Minnesota where these two old neighbors and widowers have this rivalry going back for years. Next to the ice fishing which they and apparently everyone else enjoys during the winter, their favorite pastime is cracking wise and playing jokes to one up the other. One thing that has slowed up is their libidos.

But that's about to change when Ann-Margret moves across the street. The sight of a pretty woman right on the block is all these two old geezers need to get into action.

As for Ann-Margret she's a free spirit of sorts who's flattered with the attention. Matthau has another friend in high places, his son Kevin Pollak is elected mayor of their town. Lemmon has a daughter played by Darryl Hannah and a grandson and she's married to Christopher McDonald, but they're estranged. The kids like each other and both of their fathers.

Lemmon also has tax problems, he owes some big bucks to the IRS and the villain in Grumpy Old Men is tax man, a most officious Buck Henry. The IRS is an agency everyone hates because it's the only place where you really are guilty until proved innocent in the USA. What happens to Lemmon is all too true. I myself could tell you stories of the IRS problems I've had through no fault of my own. I never owed as much as Lemmon did however and all due to an accounting error while Lemmon was filing jointly with his wife when she was still alive over a decade earlier. Some eager beaver auditor at IRS caught it and the interest and penalties compounded have him ready to lose his house.

I also have to note the presence of another pair of old geezers in the cast, Ossie Davis and Burgess Meredith. Davis owns a convenience store and in the opinion of Lemmon charges outrageously for bait during the ice fishing season. And Meredith is Lemmon's nonagenarian father who is past the age of caring what anyone thinks of him or his opinions.

Grumpy Old Men is a wonderful film for the elderly. Now that I'm at the age of Lemmon's and Matthau's character, I can enjoy this now more than ever. For Geezers of all ages.

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