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Whitney Cummings as News Reporter
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Susan Blakely as Unhappy Camper
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Emily Baldoni as Bebe
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Glenn Morshower as Ranger Bob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kairingler7 / 10

community service at the park

Don't you just love watching a bunch of stupid kids, getting knocked off one by one by a slasher,, well this movie does you one better,, a big huge grizzly bear,, now i will tell you the one thing i absolutely hated int his movie was only one thing, and that was that ridiculous bear song at the beginning of the movie,, but hey i am very forgiving, the bear was not no CGI bear either,, real bear here folks. i loved the ranger,, pretty neat character if you ask me,, now the ending is really great i thought, but i can't give that away,, you'll just have to watch it for yourself.. there is also a killer on the loose in the park also,, which is something else to look out for too. all in all the movie had it funny moments, and some gore too,, not the greatest movie,, but a lot better than some of the garbage i've seen.

Reviewed by allgood_20006 / 10

No masterpiece, but entertaining

It seemed like this movie was a PG-rated family comedy for most of the way through (save for language and a few sparse kills),and then they set a hungry grizzly bear loose on the characters in the last ten minutes of the movie. I would not have had a problem with this if there had been more character development, but the first half of the movie was wasted with the group walking around picking up trash, without much suspense or dialogue. Although Glenn Morshower was the star of the movie, I thought his time on screen prevented the development of the other characters. It also seemed like they killed some of the more interesting characters too early in the movie. All in all, I felt that there was more that could of have been done to make the story and the characters more interesting.

Grizzly Park is by no means a masterpiece of cinema, but it did keep me entertained. It's a good movie to watch with friends and laugh at or make sarcastic commentary. The movie was not terrible, but there was definitely room for improvement.

Reviewed by JMAN-84 / 10

Not worth the DVDs it was burned on

Grizzly Park is about a group of miscreant youths that are forced on a hiking trip through the eponymous park as part of their sentence (or something, I didn't really care).

The film is both written and directed by newcomer Tom Skull. Few good writers also make good directors, and unfortunately he is neither. The visual look of the film is passable, but the artistry of the shots and footage is bland and uninteresting.

And the writing is often uneven and boring, not to mention filled with dumb lines like this: "If a tree falls in the forest, do you hear the tree? I mean, how do you know it's been more than ten minutes, can you tell time by the sun or something?" A potentially important plot line of an escaped rapist/killer makes a cursory appearance and two homicides, only to be ended before it affects the main storyline in any real way. While his dispatchment might make sense if the ultimate direction of the movie wasn't clear from the beginning, here it just seems sloppy.

Add to that fact that all the characters are completely unlikeable, save for the ditsy Bebe (Emily Foxler) and Ranger Bob (Glenn Morshower, slumming here). This is a combination of the bad writing and mostly poor acting, but especially the writing. For instance, a buff, white-power twentysomething seems almost polite for the majority of the film, even towards Ty, the requisite black character.

Finally, this film commits the cardinal sin of horror movies: it was boring. At a scant 91 minutes (including credits),it should move pretty briskly, but the opening drags on, treating us to not one, not two, but three introductions to the characters, including a totally unnecessary cut to their mugshots. By the time the action gets going in earnest, some hour and seventeen minutes in, I just don't care anymore.

Nick Nunziata, founder and now-infrequent contributer to (which I refuse to read now since Devin Faraci took over and ruined the site),co-produced this film, and I must say that I'm disappointed in him. After running one of the most successful movie websites, it should be clear to him what works and doesn't work in a movie, but he seemed to strap rose-colored glasses on for this. Perhaps his next outing will be more productive.

Bottom line: Don't see this film.

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