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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon9 / 10

A timeless classic.

I watched this when it was transmitted over Christmas, and then watched in horror as the offended brigade started complaining.

Made in 1978, it's the ultimate feel good film, sure it's over the top, it's absurd, and some of the scenes will have you maybe feeling a bit cringe worthy now, but it still remains a great film.

As a youngster I watched it frequently, it's funny how some films stick with you, could I really believe in most of them as High school students, well I did back then.

It is all about the music, music which is still iconic, and hopefully will be heard at theatres in the not too far off future.

Would you make a film the exact same way now, of course not, is it ok to love a film made back in 1978, yes it sure is.

Watch for the music, ending, and of course John Travolta.

It really is the word. 9/10

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Energetic, good spirited nostalgic fun!

I will admit I didn't like "Grease" very much at one point, but like some other musicals, it has grown on me. It is just a fun film, yes with some corny dialogue and some slow moments, but the performances, choreography and songs more than make up for any misgivings. I like how "Grease" is filmed, the cinematography is smooth, and the costumes are lovely to look at. The script has some nice raunchy humour, if a little corny at times. Also there is a nice compelling story in general, even if it is slow in spots. The performances are of high energy. John Travolta, is it just me or wasn't he really sexy here? I thought Tim Curry was sexy in "Rocky Horror Picture Show" but Travolta's Danny who swivels his hips like Elvis brings a different kind of sexiness as well as acting like a tough kid, which he isn't really. Olivia Newton-John, dressed in whites and creams looks beautiful and is appealing as Sandy, she is almost unrecognisable in the final musical number. Stockard Channing provides a voluptuous contrast as Betty Rizzo, and does it with swagger. What makes this movie enjoyable are the song and dance numbers. I wasn't keen on the songs when I first saw the film seven years ago, but as I have been re watching the film over the years, like the film they have really grown on me. "Summer Nights", "Hopelessly Devoted to You", "Grease Lightening" and "We Go Together" are classics. Overall, this film is fun, you mayn't like it first time, but if you give it another chance it could well grow on you. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Good singalong

The perennial favourite. I like some of the songs, what can I say? A good '50s throwback with Travolta even slicker than he was in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Less a film than some enthuasistic songs joined by a bit of plot.

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