Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters


Action / Adventure / Animation / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaefab4 / 10

What can you expect when you start with a weak story

I love Godzilla, my father used to bring me to the theater when i was 5 years old to see the old 70 movies.

Some good some bad but in this era where everything is made for money this is another good example.

The story is very weak, when you say that a bunch of humans and some extra terrestrial aliens where driven off the earth and searching for a new home in space for close to 20 years because of Godzilla..... mmmmm

After they fail to find any habitable place they decide all else fail to go back to mother earth after 20 thousand years . They find the earth as changed a lot of spanning from Godzilla some new type of monster as emerge. After all this time Godzilla is still alive, but now for some odd reason they have a plan to defeat him.

As you can see this makes no sense at all, and many will start to wonder why was this movie even made, if not with the Godzilla stamp to make quick $$$.

This movie is to be taken with a grain of salt and even if you skip it a part from top notch animation because that's all the movie as to offer the animation is beautiful the rest is just a mess.

Reviewed by neener37076 / 10

Good Enough For Godzilla Fans - Might Be Bad For Others

Beautiful animation and epic, well directed, action sequences combined with terrible writing and unbelievably thick exposition, creates an interesting futuristic take on the Godzilla story. I'll skip a story synopsis since IMDb has the plot up already. Being a big fan of Godzilla, I did enjoy most of the film, I loved the animation style, the environments are beautiful and the model for Godzilla is similar to newer films and still bad ass. The fiery action sequence were engaging and intense, though there wasn't as much as I would have hoped. With those good aspects in mind, lets talk about the bad, and some of it was REALLY bad.

The writing in this film is very bad, much like many Godzilla stories, but this one was bad for a different reason, exposition.... LOTS of exposition. Exposition is necessary for films but in this film, nearly ALL dialogue is explaining things. Many times 20 seconds into the explanation, I understood the idea/plan and found myself wanting them to shut up after 15 minutes of exposition, and move on. When planning attacks, I again understood the plan in 20 seconds in and waited several more agonizing minutes while waiting for the admittedly great action sequences. This film is filled to the brim with painful exposition related dialog that almost made me fast-forward through it.

All in all a cool first film with upcoming parts, most Godzilla fans will enjoy the effort here, while non-fans might not like it.

Reviewed by Snootz8 / 10

Excellent presentation of an ancient theme

When we read these reviews we see a mixture of those greatly appreciative of this film, and those who consider it garbage. To the later I can only guess two things apply:

1) They are not aware this is PART 1 of the movie. More to come. 2) Some quite likely don't understand the Japanese mentality or the Godzilla mythos. In such case this will make no sense. Those who understand both Japanese cinema and the Godzilla mythos understood this film and rated it highly.

First regarding the film itself: animation was top-quality, with an excellent mix of anime and realism with computer graphics. The blend is fairly perfect, so much so that one forgets we are watching an animated film-- until something strikes us as particularly well-done.

The story line and plot-- and even the very final after-credits scene-- contrary to some claims makes perfect sense, is consistent and follows a logical flow. It is a well-done story... and I am very critical of films with lousy stories and plots. Of course to understand, one has to understand Godzilla. If one thinks Godzilla is just a "scary monster" or a dinosaur on steroids, they have no idea what Godzilla really is.

So considering the terrific animation, good voice-over acting, well-done story line and consistency with the Godzilla theme, we have a real kicker of a Godzilla movie... one of the best I've seen. I tend to be very critical of movies and don't cut them much slack in the case of sloppy production. This was done well and is definitely worth watching... unless of course, one understands zip about Godzilla. It does help to be acquainted with the concept going in.

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