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Reviewed by a_baron5 / 10

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A high flying executive stumbles across a damsel in distress, she is actually the daughter of a major client who is the man behind a massive project on which he is working. The girl gives him the impression she needs some time away then suggests casually that they fake her kidnapping and split the ransom. When the project falls through he decides to take up her bizarre offer for personal as much as financial reasons.

In any kidnapping for ransom the pay-off is always the fly in the ointment, but our hero is also a games developer, and his knowledge of technology - including disguising his voice electronically - is second to none, so with that and a little old-fashioned artifice, that hurdle is negotiated safely.

All good and fine up to here, likewise when it transpires the damsel is really a femme fatale, but hereafter the plot becomes so convoluted that you really have to wonder what is really going on, and the ending, well, if you watch it without the subtitles, you won't be any more confused.

Reviewed by KineticSeoul6 / 10

Thin line between ambition and revenge

This movie started out pretty darn narrow with a fake kidnapping scheme going on. Which takes up the first full hour of this movie and thought it was pretty bland. The male actress is bland as well and felt too much like a robot. It's alright to have that kinda trait because of the role the actor he is playing but he shows almost zero emotion in this whole movie. And without good enough reasons. Yukie Nakama did a good job playing the pretend kidnapped victim and brought out just the right amount of emotions. So when it comes to the core of the plot though it's about playing one another and who is the true schemer. However the love relationship and attraction just seemed to come out of nowhere since there just wasn't enough bonding for the viewers to see to merit it. Yeah, they both set up a task to make a fake kidnapping and both are arrogant and materialistic but that is about it. The constant trying to outwit each other is entertaining but some dumb mistakes get in the way to make this movie not all that believable. Since they make some clever scheme that is possible but make really dumb mistakes. Overall this is a decent movie with wits that show the thin line between ambition and revenge and what people will do to achieve it.


Reviewed by ebiros25 / 10

Well thought out plot

[email protected] is a well crafted suspense drama of deception where battle of the minds takes the story to its climax.

The movie is about selfishness, and confidence each of the character has on their intelligence to pull off the deception. Who's in control, is one of the intriguing aspects of the story. Is love stronger than greed in the end ?

In today's Japanese society where performance in money making ability is king, this movie shows a cross section of its society where one will go any length to get the business and money at their job. The cruelty of each of the character in this movie shows how deep people are willing to go to achieve this goal.

The story was good, but I couldn't get into the cruelness of the characters. This kind of took away from the story. But I guess a story had to be made that's (almost) totally dependent on the mind game of the characters.

If you like good plots, and complex strategies, this movie is for you.

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