Girl Missing



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled5%
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Kiersten Warren Photo
Kiersten Warren as Sylvia Knowles
Francesca Eastwood Photo
Francesca Eastwood as Jane Smith
Lyliana Wray Photo
Lyliana Wray as Savannah Knowles
Lidia Porto Photo
Lidia Porto as Theresa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LiveLoveLead4 / 10

a bad Lifetime movie

I enjoy Lifetime movies even though they are typically B movies, but this one was on the lower end of the Lifetime rating scale. The acting was really bad. There was NO character development. The story was completely predictable, and there were tons of plot holes. Also, the film was super low budget. For example, about 7 minutes into the film you can see the boom mics bouncing above the actor's heads. The plot is about a young woman who was found wandering in a snowy forest at 8 years old. After growing up an orphan, now 15 years later they may have found her family. There is so much about this story that doesn't make any sense. They never explain why the mother comes looking for her now, so many years later, or how she finally did find her daughter. The girl, Jane, chooses not to wait for DNA results or take her social worker's advice. Jane also doesn't even ask her mother what happened or why they took so long to find her. In My Humble Opinion, Skip this one! This is not a Lifetime movie I would recommend, even to the average Lifetime enthusiast. 8/2007

Reviewed by marinagraydon7 / 10

Good film with plenty of plot holes

I did enjoy this film but there were lots of holes in the story line and things didn't always make sense. The acting was really good and Carlo was a very convincing creepy guy. I didn't like him even before I knew he was a baddie. Unsure why they had to call the poor girl back into their lives just to try and bump her off again. If they were playing a long game with regards to the inheritance you would think they could have waited longer than a day to talk about the money. Also the hole that Carlo dug at the end was ridiculously unbelievable and when Savannah/Jane burst out of being buried alive she miraculously had no mud in her hair. Aside from all that it was still very watchable.

Reviewed by SecretDoll5 / 10

Typical Lifetime

I enjoy Lifetime Movies, even though the majority are only worth 5 or 6 stars. It catches your attention and if you like teen drama movies, and have some time on your hands, this would be an acceptable movie to waste your time on. The movie starts off slow and confusing. The ending feels rushed. The middle covers a lot of the pieces to the puzzle but not all.

Overall, 5 stars. The actors weren't very in depth, making the movie feel a lot more bland than it could have been. Still a partially enjoyable movie. Don't assume it's horrible, because it's not, it's just slow and bland.

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