Gintama 2: Rules are Made to be Broken


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Reviewed by headpump9 / 10


Completely non-boring, funny weird and weirdly funny, filled with extra-special fx, awesome fight scenes, and over-the-top acting!

Made my eyeballs fistbump.

Watched it twice --- which I rarely do --- and I'll watch it again!

One thing that makes the movie so wonderful is that I saw it fresh and untainted by all the tedious comparisons and complaints from the MANGA crowd. None of the criticisms swayed me or wreck it for me --- and I LOVED IT!!

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks8 / 10

Good Enough

The first Gintama movie was a disappointment for me. I wasn't going to watch this one after that, as the story was pretty much almost finished in the first movie, but, being a Oryu fan, and wanting to conclude the series, I picked this one and I was surprised. The second Gintama movie was actually really good. Sure, the CGI were disappointing, but, they were less this time around and they didn't bother me that much. The story was really good, with many fighting scenes and packed with action overall. The performances were good as well. So, eight out of ten.

Reviewed by phanthinga7 / 10

Solid sequel to a surprisingly good live action movie

Words cannot describe how much of a fanboy I am when watching all my favorite character come to live in the first Gintama live action movie and thank god the movie did well in Japan because I'm had been waiting to see Gintama 2: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken forever and although it not as good as I hope it to be it still a fun and bizarre movie nonetheless. The comedy still very Gintama-ish just how I like it and to see some of the most iconic supporting characters finally debut on screen is definitely a plus but that just entertain me when the movie still on it gag side because when the story finally switch to the serious side it just flat out bad. I know over the top acting is one the key elements that make the first movie works but the cast let it get ahead of themselves this time so it not so over the top it funny anymore but so over the top it embarrassing to watch

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