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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mgentalen10 / 10

A fun surprise.

A saw " Gigi and Nate" today during Cinema Day. I knew the basic premise of the film, but didn't do any further research, and I am happy going in naked on this one.

We meet Nate, then 18 years old, cliff diving. He does a fall, walks it off, but days later with family celebrating Independence Day receives major pain and diagnosis that paralyze him for good. We do a time jump, Nate tries to kill himself in the family's koi pond, and dad, played by Jim Belushi, saves his life.

Mom realizes her son needs a companion; she gets a helper monkey. Everyone at first is not really fond or accepting of Gigi, soon as Gigi starts to help out, he is more accepted.

I'm giving this a 10 star, but, and a huge but, I was not a fan of the lead, Nate. The parents and sisters were acted great, but Nate, Charles Rowe, under impressed for me. I was more taken away by Jim Belushi's performance and the young women who played his sister's. In fact, I was watching this wondering why Belushi does not do more of these roles. He can truly act, and , I just felt he is being under used.

I felt every emotion. I cried. I smiled I laughed. I shrieked. Even if the story does not sell it for you, see this for the monkey. The monkey made the sweetest faces and the fact he developed this bond with Nate was charming.

The ending, I am not saying, but was perfect. It came full circle.

Reviewed by tilokaudaman9 / 10

A sweet, heartfelt movie.

I loved this film. Some critics have said it has a mediocre script but is saved by wonderful acting. I agree the acing is fantastic. I'm not familiar with Charlie Rowe's other work but I found his performance in this film to be deeply sincere and touching. I'm going to checkout some of his other work. He is certainly someone I will follow in the future. The supporting cast is also excellent especially Marcia Gay Harden and a knockout performance by Josephine Langford.

This film also explores the difficulty of a family coping with tragedy and the importance of a timely therapeutic intervention that ultimately leads to overcoming terrible obstacles. It is also about personal triumph and love.

Another factor important in this film is the damage caused by people who are zealots to a particular movement and who's beliefs can cause needless suffering and damage to innocent people and animals.

I feel these types of films are important. You leave the cinema filling good and full of hope, but you'll probably shed a lot of tears before you get there. I hoped a lot of people will see this film. It will open your heart.

Reviewed by rannynm8 / 10

Uplifting Movie With An Encouraging Message And Elicits A Range Of Emotions

Gigi & Nate is an uplifting movie with an encouraging message. This movie will put you through a range of emotions, and may even bring on the "waterworks."

After barely surviving a tragic accident that left him paralyzed, Nate Gibson (Charlie Rowe) has nothing worth living for, until he meets Gigi, a capuchin monkey. The two develop an inseparable bond, but not everyone's a fan of the relationship. Can Gigi and Nate stay together?

This movie is inspired by the organization Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled which helps to match people with disabilities to monkeys who will help them in their day to day life. The special effects are so impressive as I could barely tell when it switched from CGI to real life. Allie (who plays Gigi),the adorable capuchin monkey, makes her acting debut in this movie, and she is trained incredibly well. Too bad for Allie that there aren't Oscars for animals, because she would win one! Kudos to Allie's trainers for making her actions seem so organic and natural! The chemistry with Charlie Rowe (Nate) and Allie feels so real that sometimes I forget I'm watching a fictional movie and not a documentary.

The primary message of Gigi & Nate is to never give up - whether that means on yourself or on something you believe in. This movie has some profanity, alcohol consumption and attempted suicide.

I give Gigi & Nate 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18. Gigi and Nate comes out in theaters September 2, 2022. By Katherine S., KIDS FIRST!

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