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Reviewed by Stofft4 / 10

Come On Snipes

Even in this horrible movie you show that you got talent. Why do you lower yourself to work with people that seems to know nothing about making exciting movies? The editing is horrible and there is not real feeling in the action scenes either. guns that sound "pjuff pjuff" along with horrible editing is not a good way to go.

This one had an exciting idea of making an exciting movie but its all just washed away during the course of the movie.

The end fight is worth looking at though so for all that hasn't seen it fast forward to that one for some good old Wesley Snipes action! Otherwise its not much to look at here.

But again, this is not due to Snipes 'cause he seems to be doing the best he can making it exciting but with bad editing and directing overall - noting can save this movies face.

Reviewed by Hellmant6 / 10

'Game of a tax evading 'B' action movie star trying to make some more big bucks, that he'll hopefully pay taxes on this time'!

'GAME OF DEATH': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Another direct to video Wesley Snipes action film (although it was released theatrically in Japan last November, 2010). In this one Snipes plays a CIA agent who's double crossed by his team on assignment in Detroit. Most of the action takes place in a hospital where Snipes dukes it out with a team of crooked CIA assailants. The film co-stars Zoe Bell, Robert Davi, Ernie Hudson and Gary Daniels (who also played one of the main evil goons in 'THE EXPENDABLES'). It was directed by Giorgio Serafini and written by Jim Agnew and Megan Brown. The film is pretty standard direct to video action fare for the most part but it does have some pretty well done fight scenes and is slightly more entertaining than most, I'd say.

The bulk of the film is played out in movie flashbacks as CIA agent Marcus Jones (Snipes) explains the events of his last assignment to a Catholic priest (Hudson) in a church one afternoon. Jones tells how he was posing as the body guard for an arms dealer named Frank Smith (Davi) when his former CIA team double crossed him and his mentor in an attempt to steal $100,000,000 from Smith and his partner John Redvale (Quinn Duffy). They attack Jones and Smith in the car they're traveling in when Smith has a heart attack and Jones takes him to a nearby hospital. The crooked CIA agents then ascend on the hospital in attempt to capture Smith when Jones takes them on one by one.

The film is somewhat predictable and pretty routine. The directing is stylized and kind of cool at times but not so impressive at others. The martial arts fight scenes are all well done though and Snipes once again makes a cool 'badass' action hero. Hopefully he can get back to doing some more A list work when he gets out of prison in three years (for tax evasion) but these B action films aren't a bad way for him to show his skills either. They definitely make him and other comparable action stars decent money so you can't feel too sorry for Mr. Snipes paying his dues for trying to rip everyone off. Daniels and Bell are good action movie villains as well and the movie as a whole is just about what you'd expect from something like this. Like I said the film is about average, I'd say it's a little better than the usual but not much.

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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Pretty good for a B-movie

GAME OF DEATH (bad choice, choosing a title the same as the Bruce Lee movie, as well as making this sound like a tournament-style film, which is isn't) is one of the last movies Wesley Snipes made before being jailed for tax evasion, and it's one for the fans. Most people unaccustomed to B-movies will see it for what it is - a cheap, overly familiar star vehicle that's not much different from the kind of DTV trash Seagal films these days.

However, those who enjoy low budget action flicks may find a surprise or two in a film which turns out to be a lot better than expected, purely because it's serious, straight to the point, with a well-focused script and plenty of action. In essence, Snipes is part of a CIA team who turn renegade and forget to tell him about it, leaving him the only guy capable of taking down the bad guys.

GAME OF DEATH has plenty of action, and a lot of it is good. There's an extended hospital siege scenario (complete with homages to HARD BOILED) which takes place around the halfway mark, and this is the highlight, offering a series of frenetic one-on-one fights as Snipes tackles numerous henchmen, including DRUNKEN MASTER II's Ho-Sung Pak. The fights aren't the best the genre has to offer, but they're pretty intense and don't shy away from violence, which is always a good thing.

The rest of the storyline, taking place outside of the hospital, is less gripping, but the last third is still pretty good. It helps that Snipes is on top hard-ass form, refusing to back down and taking it to the villains throughout. The ever-underrated Gary Daniels is a nice choice as the chief baddie, and there are great supporting turns from familiar actors who have been away from our screens for too long, like Ernie Hudson and Robert Davi. Choreography is fairly good and the film zips along at a fine old pace. I liked it.

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