Gaga: Five Foot Two


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheMovieDiorama7 / 10

Gaga: Five Foot Two chaotically illustrates the pressure and idolisation of being a pop star.

Lady Gaga is quite simply known everywhere. From the tiniest of countries to the most desolate of wastelands. She has made a name for herself through her unconventional provocative work and visual experimentation. But more importantly, she is a talented musician who (despite us all forgetting) is actually still a human being. This documentary chronicles the conception of her fifth album 'Joanne', a devoted production delving into the death of Gaga's aunt. Pressure was an understatement for the singer. Deterring away from the memorably eccentric albums that were predominantly dance-pop, to a stripped back vocally charged album that reminded us all how talented of a musician she really is. Powering this production though, is a sense of emotional distress. Tackling themes of family, love and life, this lesser documentary acts as a small window peering into a large life. Is this part-biopic entirely necessary? Not at all. With a lack of genuine emotional heft and/or an inevitable tragedy, it does negate its very purpose. However, it's still not without sentimentality. Moukarbel's focus on the struggles and immense pressure of an album release is prevalent, particularly Gaga's chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. You feel every inch of her personality burst through the screen as she balances music with acting and other performances. The style to the documentary was ever so haphazard to begin with, lacking coherence and structure. Not to mention the lack of performance footage, I wanted to see that Superbowl performance! But picks things up when Gaga works on 'Joanne'. Showcasing her meltdowns and fan interactions only emphasises her humanity. Her formidable exterior that the media present is torn down by this intimate film, where her compassion is enhanced gently. Radiating benevolence and decency, a whole new side to Gaga is explored and presented captivatingly which both fans and casual audiences will enjoy. Although, I've heard she's actually five foot one...

Reviewed by lisafordeay8 / 10

Very good insight on Lady Gaga's life

Gaga: Five Foot Two is a 2017 Netflix documentary about Lady Gaga releasing the Joanne album and on her struggles with fibromyalgia. Which she developed since she broke her hip,back in 2012. Before she won millions over as Ally Maine from A Star Is Born,she was always an icon for so many people and we see what she is like as a person.

She comes across as a very down to earth,no nonsense and very emotional person.

If your looking for a good documentary and your a fan of Lady Gaga then check it out.

Reviewed by masonfisk6 / 10


Gaga: Five Foot Two feels like an update of Madonna's Truth or Dare doc from 1991. Seems becoming the biggest star on the planet (at the moment!) takes a toll on you physically, emotionally & psychologically. Why do it for your art when it hurts so bad? I'm not a Gaga fan but this intense introspection works giving a life to the face & talent on display.

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