French Twist

1995 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pascal_jacquemain9 / 10

Funny but not just...

The premise of this film may appear ridiculous. How could a straight woman suddenly hesitate on her sexuality when a very butch woman turns up one fine day and fall in love with her? But the premise is but an excuse for an interesting comedy, based on a classic menage a trois, but with a twist. Characters are interesting. Victoria Abril as the neglected housewife is very good. Alain Chabat as the Casanova, sleeping with anybody (at least with any woman) is superb. The scene in which his daughter visits him in his office is funny then poignant. The last scene of the film (cut from the American and British version) is unexpected. The regretted Ticky Holgado is perfect in his role as Alain Chabat colleague. As far as Josiane Balasko, who wrote the film as well as starred in it, she may not be the most convincing Butch lesbian you will find, but she wrote a good film, funny, bitter sweet, which won't leave you indifferent.

Reviewed by acromegalix6 / 10

Good films about lesbians are rare...

I read the user comment for this film, my point of view is quite different :

1. I am surprised to see that Gazon Maudit was rated R and 18 in most countries. I saw this movie at 20:30 PM, on Sunday evening, on the main TV french channel, and I don't remember any scandal for this (and we have our share of intolerant bigots in France too...). OK, this picture is about sex, lesbians, homosexuality and triolism, we can see a few times Victoria Abril half or totally naked and Josiane Balasko smokes a lot of pot, but it is basically a comedy with no real provocation. I find much more vulgarity in, mmmh, let's say, the "American Pie" pictures - even if they don't show nudity - than in Gazon Maudit.

2. This movie is funny. No big laughs, but a good story and brilliant acting. We know that the situations are implausible (a nice married woman falls in love at first glance with a butch-lesbian-truck-driver, who will have a baby with her husband) but the characters are funny enough to forget minor errors in the script and you will enjoy the way of cross that the unfaithful husband (Alain Chabat) will have to go through.

3. I gave a rating of 6 because it's not a masterpiece. But if you find the plot outline attracting, if you ever wonder "What would I do if my wife leaves me for another woman ?", or if you want to see an uncommon film about relationships, you will not be disappointed !

Reviewed by myflyingjellybean9 / 10

Such a hilarious film!

French Twist is a sexual, yet also is a light romantic comedy film which shows the different aspects of gender roles and homosexuality which is not usually seen in a mainstream film. For people who has watch this kind of film for the first time, this could be really shocking yet interesting and humorous plot of story.This film, shows how it is possible for a person to just change their sexuality in just a matter of flirting with the same sex, or it could also be possible that their real sexuality was hidden inside them for a long time and was just discovered when the right situation happens that pushes their real sexuality to come out. It also showed the different personality that each gender has, in a very polite way though. On how Laurent criticizes Marijo because of her sexuality was not really super annoying, instead, all their clash scenes were very funny. The director successfully turned a supposedly intense scenario of a homosexual love triangle into a very humorous and light scene.

This film really did a great job on making the audience nervous and excited for what is going to happen with the married couple when a third party started to show up in the picture. Over all I think that French Twist is a very unique film and will let the audience know that in love , gender doesn't matter.

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