Free Fall

2009 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yargmail6 / 10

Les pieds dans le vide... Not in the "vide" for nothing

What blew me away in this movie is the cinematography : not only is there breathtaking shots of skydiving, but the quirky shots and the play with colours is worth watching the movie just for that. Unfortunately, it's worth watching just for that... Plot wise, I could some it up like this : 2 sky diving freaks, one a teacher and the other a compulsive diver, are in a love triangle with one girl. I say love triangle, only I should call it a love V : both guys like the girl and the girl likes both boys... angst is brought in when the hotheaded compulsive diver takes increasingly dangerous risks despite the cool-headed teacher's criticism of this. The whole movie is pretty much a ping pong ball game of "do what I tell you to" vs "I don't wanna" mixed in with the incomprehensibly slutty girlfriend.

***SPOILER ALERT*** So how does the movie end and ruin the rest of the picture? After the hotheaded fellow is grounded for his unnecessary risks, he follows the teacher to an illegal base jumping run and jumps right behind him, thus distracting the teacher who ends up nearly getting killed. So despite being a jerk the whole movie AND causing a man to become paraplegic, everybody seems to be OK with it and forgives the harm done... I felt it was a big slap in the face to our credibility. It's almost as if they realized, woops we're up to two hours, let's wrap up this picture! (oh, and did I fail to mention they said at least twice that base jumping is illegal and if they get caught they go to prison or get a huge fine? They DO get caught and yet there's no mention of any consequences whatsoever. Overall, for fans of nice photography and skydiving, the movie is a must, but if all you're looking for is a good story, this one is a miss.

Reviewed by charlie_2213 / 10

What's the story?

My mother really wanted to go to the movie theatres because she was on vacation and the weather was not pleasant. So she made me go see this movie. I heard briefly about this movie and knew that it was about skydiving, from what I've heard. When I saw the movie, I was finally happy to know as to why Guillaume (Charle) had such funky hair (I liked it but not on him). So the movie starts with okay music, we see people skydiving and going to this camp? school? club? it was never clear what it was, where they got to skydive as much as they wanted. We meet the short but handsome Charle, the tall dark other guy (I've forgotten his name),the guy who does not skydive and THE girl. Okay, so we are focusing on Charles and the tall guy so they must be important, okay now on Ludo, alright, he is gay and does not like his girlfriend. Now the tall guy likes to be daredevil-like and open his parachute under the limit while the other guy is yelling at him for doing those things. The girl, who is she? Her mother has a brain tumour, okay, she has to take care of her, yes, now...she makes out with the two guys and makes love to both of them? She is a slut and becomes pregnant, but she can't an abortion. The movie does not have a story, it is just a series of events, like an everyday life, and they still made it 2hrs long. Once my popcorn was finished, I got really not interested. The thing is, the movie isn't boring, it's just long and has no point. I din't feel anything when Charles hit the glass so that's one sing that the movie was not well done. I never got attached to the characters, even when the mother died. Yes I felt pity for the girl, as would anyone would if a stranger or acquaintance's close ones passed away, but that was it. The only credit I will give, and that is why I din't give this movie one star, is because the camera work was interesting and very well done, they played with the colours witch made me happy. Overall, I think that the movie was not well made, rushed to finish the script and rushed to accomplish the filming, and unfairly promoted. I know most of theses actors are good and can do better.

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