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Kartik Aaryan as Dr. Freddy Ginwala
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Jeniffer Piccinato as Avan Unwalla
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Reviewed by valfrae4 / 10

Disappointed, expectations not met

Kartik did a good job, but Alaya F. And Protein Shake's acting skills are quite weak. I felt bad for Freddy so much tho, poor Freddy. RIP Hardy.

The movie is slow-paced and has a lot of plotholes. A lot of flaws and illogical stuff happen. Like, in the end, why didn't she just run or fight? She wasn't under anaesthesia, but she just lied there limp in his arms. Plus, the graves were too short in height, you could easily dig yourself out of there. The ending wasn't satisfactory. I would've liked to see Freddy meet someone else in the end, or sth else happen. But it just ended very blandly, with him lying between the two. The thriller aspect of the movie was missing, they just made it unintentionally funny. Shashanka Ghosh, the director, disappoints yet again.

Reviewed by chand-suhas4 / 10

From Freddy's nightmare to Freddy is the nightmare.

Dr. Freddy Ginwala is a famous dentist with an issue of socializing with people especially women. He is still single and is in search of his soulmate. He finds her in of his patients during a routine root canal and falls for her, only to be disappointed that she is married to an abusive husband. To save her, he plots the husband's murder so that they can be together. The twist in the tale comes when Freddy realises he was just being used all the while. How he retorts back forms the story.

This revenge tale is highly slow paced and devoid any twists. The strength is the setting and the performance by Kartik Aaryan who gets into the skin of his character and never let's go. Alaya shines in the first half but later on her character arc demands too much out of her and it shows. The police are asusual shown as incompetent fools while these two get on with revenge acts. The third act picks up pace but I felt the writers went too conservative to go crazy violent.

A committed performance like this deserved better writing as the setting was near perfect but execution left a lot to desire. There is only so much a good performance can do to salvage a film that simply doesn't want to raise above mediocrity.

Reviewed by moviepiglet4 / 10

How are people giving this 7 and 8 stars???

Some of the revenge plot points in this movie might have been inspired by a Spanish movie Sleep Tight. Sleep Tight is an intense, well made drama thriller with solid characters and a gripping storyline, unlike this movie.

The overall "plan" of the Kainaaz and her bf is so stupid. Their actions and the things they do after her plan is revealed and how they treat Kartik Aryan is just so dumb. I am honestly shocked at all the great reviews. I could list down all the stupid things they do which makes you think, are the script writers dumb, or do they think the audience is dumb??

The final standoff at the farm house is just the icing on the cake in terms of dumb things all these characters are doing. Just the fact that the couple even agrees to meet at the guy's secluded farmhouse whose tortoise they killed is laughable.

There is zero character development. From someone who can barely talk to women this guy turns into a cold blooded killer. Oh and that was Kainaaz's plan all along - hope that this most simple, harmless loser can be turned into a killer for her convenience. LOL.

The story writes write a lose, unconvincing, script, and yet it seems to be getting favorable reviews from Indian audiences. Unless we the audience start setting higher standards for ourselves and for the movies we watch, Bollywood will keep churning out movies with mediocre to downright dumb storylines, and the actors and products will keep making money.

I don't understand where all the good scriptwriters / storytellers are in the Indian movie industry.

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