Framom främsta linjen

2004 [SWEDISH]

Drama / History / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shaolin_Apu7 / 10

A Finnish propaganda film for Swedes

Lindman's film shows a story of a Finnish platoon leader Harry Järv, who during the Fenno-Russian War of 1941-44 led several successful raids against Russian strongpoints. Instead of any artistic ambitions, Lindman has meant his movie to be a true-story documentary about one historical person. While the film is a documentary drama, it lacks the horror and excitement one could expect from a war film. This approach has its reasons, because the film starts from the period of war during which only small-scale action was carried out between Finns and Russians. The action in the Finnish front during period of 1942-43 mostly consisted of Finnish patrols making havoc at the Russian lines, Russian snipers annoying Finnish watchmen and such.

The Finnish platoon leader Harry Järv appears in the film as one of the most valiant soldiers there could be. He is not only good soldier. He is also cultivated. He reads classical philosophy and is eager to share his knowledge with his men. As a platoon leader he is unlike those USMC centurions, because he leads by his example. He never says "go!" but "come!". He speaks with his officers and men both Swedish and Finnish.

I call this film propaganda only because it is so clean, although faithful depiction of actual events. Lindman has had an intention to teach the Swedes about war and explain why Soviet Union did not end up as a new neighbor for Sweden. It was rather geography and not politics at all that dragged Finland into the war! It should be admitted, that there was much worse in war, more blood and screaming, and all of the Finnish officers were not like Järv. There was however, plenty enough like him.

As a whole, this is a unique film. Not great, but good and serves well all those who want to know about history. Framom främstä linjen has many little details that didn't surface up during watching it for the first time. I only began to like the movie only after watching it for the fourth time. For weapon freaks this movie offers a real rarity: the German StuG IIIg appearing at one scene. The DVD should have had a commentary and/or trivia track, because only Finns are enough familiar with their history and nature of their army.

Reviewed by gordonl568 / 10

Interesting film on an unknown war


This interesting war film is set during the conflict between Finland and the Soviet Union during 1941 to 1944. It follows the true life experiences of a regiment of Swedish speaking Finns.

After training, the group are assigned to a quiet area of the front. The soldiers spend their time avoiding Soviet snipers. They also become quite good and raiding the various Soviet outposts dotted along the front. These raids are needed to grab prisoners for the intelligence officers to question. This helps keep the Finns up to date on Soviet plans.

The raids continue for the next few years and casualties mount. Things turn desperate when the Soviets launch their big offensive during 1944. They are trying to knock Finland out of the war. All available troops are thrown into the front to prevent a Soviet advance. They cause such heavy losses that the Soviets sign an Armistice with Finland. They then withdraw their forces to send against the retreating Germans to the south.

A rather well done war film, that keeps Hollywood style heroics to a minimum. The men do what has to be done to save their country. The Finns cost the Soviet Army losses all out of proportion to the troops Finland had.

Of note here is the use of real veterans of the regiment to relate stories of their time at the front. The film is peppered with actual photos taken by the men. Well worth the watch.

Reviewed by Phra78 / 10

True to life, no Hollywood war epic

This is a dramatized true story about a Swedish speaking unit in the Finnish army, during the Finnish "Continuation war" which Finland fought against the Soviet Union, in 1941-1944 to regain the territory that the Russians had gained in their attack on Finland in 1939-1940.

Don't look for an elaborate plot, bigger than life storyline or any romantic involvement in this film. It doesn't really have a storyline and absolutely no romantic subplot. This is a description of a group of young men on the front and their escapades. Everything has been done with the veterans to achieve maximum authenticity. If that means that the movie is lame, so be it. I find it refreshingly different. However one needs to appreciate before watching this that this is a sort of drama documentary.

The director who is also the producer wanted to make a true life film while the veterans still were alive. He has done this, but some viewers seem to have expected a Hollywood drama.

You won't get that. You'll get grueling scenes as they happened. I rather enjoyed this movie.

PS. The fact that about 80 % of the spoken language in the film is Swedish also seems to annoy some, but not the majority of the local Finnish viewers. But what can you do, this unit comprised of Swedish speaking troops, so this part needs to be accurate also.

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