Forks Over Knives


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leifthor-110 / 10

Identifying the health system of food

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to have the position as the Program Director for the Alternative to Meds Center in San Francisco who specialized in getting people off non-prescription and prescription meds, and a diet with no sugar and white flour (meat was still included) had a huge effect on our patients.

I can say I've seen this simple change to people's diets along with supplying appropriate amino acids the right way completely change their attitude along with their physical health being given back to them.

Thank you so much for making this excellent documentary! It's not all or nothing, and simply shifting or reducing one piece like no caffeine or cutting down white flower or sugar by 50% can make a huge difference.

Reviewed by blanbrn9 / 10

Excellent medical health and food documentary, is our best foods from plant life?

All of us have became so common to the life of on the go and fast paced, that's why so many of us live off of TV dinners, fast food and processed food. And with our culture and media we have all been told that meat and diary food is a product of life. However after watching this eye opening documentary "Forks Over Knives" you may well change your mind. As evidenced during the film it proves thru actual research that the food we are eating is harming our bodies. As medical science and case studies have proved poor diets are linked to bad health especially heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

When watching this doc you will want to reject and fight against the consumption of animal based and processed foods. The film follows the study and research journeys of Dr. Colin Campbell a nutrition biochemist from Cornell University, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn a world known surgeon at the top notch Cleveland Clinic. Much of their studies and research lead to groundbreaking revelations and the most common is that diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes could be prevented if people would reverse their diet to whole foods and plant based, it's so clear that protein and animal fats and whole diary in study after study conducted proved that it was harmful to humans.

Most telling is how the film follows reality patients who are sick, and once these test studies change their diets it's interesting to see a pleasant ending journey in the end. This clearly is an eye opening film proving that the world's biggest problem is nutrition as what you eat can lead you to bad health. This now may have people for years to come trying a new diet of organic foods and plant whole based growth as a hobby that they live and work for every day. "Knives Over Forks" is clearly one educational, informative, well researched film that one needs to see as maybe it can change a person's way of diet and hopefully life. I believe it's true you are what you eat.

Reviewed by TrueFanMissy9 / 10

Shocked me back into mostly vegan diet.

Spoiler alert: Two medical doctors on opposite ends of the country come to the same conclusion about how we eat. But seriously, if you don't already know this information, you're probably a goner. Outstanding information about eating to live. And told in a very practical and easy to understand way. Really important documentary. I hope every kid in the country watches it. It would make a BIG difference in the health of our nation. I love it and I'll watch it again, and I'll make my husband watch it and when my kids are old enough, I'll cram it down their throats once a year until they move out.

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