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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-15 / 10

'Mickey' Best On The Court

Billy Crystal was his normal funny self, evoking a number of laughs in here BUT, lest you think this is a comedy, it's more of a drama....much more. I say that because much of this shows a courtship and a marriage. The courtship is romantic and cute, of course, but the marriage are not. Things don't work out between Crystal's "Mickey Gordon-" and Debra Winger's "Ellen" and many of the scenes with them arguing are not fun to watch. It fact, some are downright uncomfortable. I'm not a fan of Winger's low and raspy voice, nor seeing marriages crumble.

Thus, my favorite parts of this film were all in the beginning, especially when "Mickey" was an NBA referee. A few basketball stars got a chance to act, too, showing they should stick with sports. Crystal is a big sports fan so I'm sure enjoyed that segment of the movie.

Also commendable are the nice shots of Paris. I never get tired of looking at that city, no matter what film.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

great bits but deviates from rom-com formula

NBA referee Mickey Gordon (Billy Crystal) is willing to make the tough calls on the court. His best friend sports writer Andy (Joe Mantegna) is on a group date with Liz (Cynthia Stevenson) waiting for Mickey and others to show up. Andy recounts Mickey's strangest first meeting ever with Ellen Gordon (Debra Winger). Mickey traveled to France to bury his late hated father with his war comrades. The airline lost the body and it's up to customer service rep Ellen to help. After a wonderful time in Paris, he had to return for the new NBA season.

There are some great stuff in this slightly offkilter rom-com. Crystal and Winger get to say some great lines with their fun delivery. In general, they are able to project a good relationship chemistry. There are fun observational bits like Ellen's muttering father. This is also noted for many cameos by NBA players. There are small deviations from the rom-com formula that keeps this from being better. Usually the formulaic start is more combative. This one is quirky but not heated. It fails to raise the temperature of the relationship. The relationship is retold by others. It leaves the flow disjointed but at least, they are able to keep the final status of the relationship a mystery. Overall, there are some great bits and lines by great comedic actors.

Reviewed by moonspinner553 / 10

When Billy met Debra...

Sadly lackluster romantic comedy, co-written, directed and starring Billy Crystal, is told in deadly flashbacks. A group of friends recount a colleague's courtship (and eventual marriage) to an unfulfilled woman, resulting in comic disasters. French locations and a bright cast do help a little bit, but the screenplay isn't very funny, instead becoming weighed down with cheap, lousy sentiment that doesn't play (and has more than a whiff of "When Harry Met Sally..." besides!). Only a minimum of laughs surface, particularly when William Hickey is on-screen as Debra Winger's aged father. Otherwise, Crystal and Winger are not well-matched and their marital ups-and-downs have a depressive feel, with an uneasy give and take full of failed wisecracks and pregnant pauses. Forget it! *1/2 from ****

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