Forever's End


Action / Thriller

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Lili Reinhart as Lily White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hutsonhouse2 / 10

Not an apocalyptic film but a stocker one

Horrible acting and a terrible plot. Be careful of the smoke and mirror reviews. Beautiful photography is always used to cover up a very bad plot. If you make a stocker movie and advertise it as such who is going to watch it?? Probably not the same person who thinks it's an apocalyptic one!

The wardrobe is awful just an other indication that someone is getting abused here. Skinny girls always cover up because they are always running cold. Women wear real clothes at home, comfy cute stuff! Not hooker attire. When will males directors ever get that???

I would not recommend this badly acted flick.

Reviewed by sanclan10 / 10

One of My Favorite Movies

I have watched this movie numerous times, sharing it with as many people as I can. It is a great film. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, as that is what it is. Those that give it a bad review, just do not get it. It is a very unique film that stands on its own. Great movie. Slow, but worth every quirk and every twist and turn.

Reviewed by JayRief2 / 10

Stunning cinematography

Whatever else you may think of Forever's End, it is an undeniably beautiful movie, due both to the excellent cinematography and the gorgeous environment and tone established by the filmmaker. This lends to a rather unsettling feeling when combined with a story that is anything but beautiful and gorgeous. The lead actress does an admirable job of carrying the weight of the world (and the entire movie) on her shoulders, and the other characters work well with her to create a very eerie vibe that is a staple of this story. This was certainly not the movie I was expecting going in, but the twist ending definitely gives you something to think about several days later.

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