Flaming Ears

1992 [GERMAN]

Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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the highest possible esteem for a movie with no apparent plot...

is it fair to criticize a film for lacking a plot?

probably not. (1) dependence on plot, the idea that every experience is part of some greater story which has a clear moral content, is a misnomer...and probably the underlying disease which is americanization of art. everything cannot be succinctly categorized. there is not just one perspective. (2) i might have missed the plot anyhow. after all, i was combating a poor knowledge of german, austrian accents, inaccurate subtitles, a less than stellar video copy, and, of course, my own limited sensibilities. but i can say, that i do like a plot. and there did not seem to be one here. that said, i was completely impressed by this film. the low-budget aesthetic was wonderful. from the chunky city-scape models, to the hermes-like metallic scrunchies, to the exploding possums, the futuristic car in a sheet, the red vinyl body suit, the fold-up character, and the alligator stir-fry. all very intriguing. add in poetic monologues and cryptic conversations. i was very happy, because it was so pretty.

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