Finding Neverland


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Johnny Depp as Sir James Matthew Barrie
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Kelly Macdonald as 'Peter Pan'
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Kate Winslet as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Charming and creepy....a strange combination.

creepy--especially when seen today treated own wife horribly--very selfish Barrie was VERY successful before Peter Pan Like most bio-pics, "Finding Neverland" plays a bit fast and loose with the facts in order to build a better story. Now this film is NOT completely made up but if you study about J.M. Barrie's life, you'll see it does differ quite a bit from the film. For example, Barrie knew Mr. AND Mrs. Davies quite well and they lived much longer than they did in the movie. Additionally, you'd get the impression that Barrie was a failure as an author before he created Peter Pan, but he was highly successful and well thought of before Pan. But, to make a greater sense of tension, the film changed the facts here and there. So, as you watch, keep this in mind.

The film begins with Barrie's (Johnny Depp) most recent play flopping. At about the same time, he meets a young widow, Mrs. Davies (Kate Winslet),and her young sons at the park and befriends them--particularly the boys. They become playmates (which is pretty creepy if you think about it) and they behave almost like a family--which is really bad for Mrs. Barrie--who is left at home to fend for herself. Not surprisingly, people begin to talk--both about him spending time with a woman other than his wife as well as his preference to spending his time with young boys. Considering our present sensibilities, this isn't at all surprising that people would talk and that the Barrie marriage would crumble. Much of the rest of the film concerns his production of the play "Peter Pan" as well as the decline of Mrs. Davies and future of her sons.

If you completely divorce this film from reality and simply enjoy it for what it is, then you'll most likely enjoy the film very, very much. The acting is quite nice, as are the costumes, sets and music. The writing, though not always accurate, was also very good because it really stirs up a lot of feelings in the viewer--and as a result, it's enjoyable throughout. It's a shame they didn't trust the complete and true story, though, and that's why I give this very high quality production a score of only 7.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

Magical and very affecting

Of course it takes liberties with the truth, not the first biographical drama to do that, but I cannot deny that Finding Neverland was very magical and affecting and was beautifully crafted not only in visuals but in acting too. Plus it made me believe in Peter Pan again, and that is a wonderful feeling as Peter Pan is one of my all-time favourite stories. The cinematography, costumes, locations and scenery are absolutely stunning, and the score gives the film its magical feeling. The script had its deft touches, the story had a perfect balance of the humorous and the tragic, and director Marc Forster deserves credit for making even those mundane events into something somewhat enchanting. The acting is wonderful too- Johnny Depp is nothing short of magnificent as JM Barrie as he alternates between being playful and sensitive, it was his sensitive side especially that made his performance so good. Kate Winslet is very tender as Sylvia and Dustin Hoffmann impresses in a smaller role. Even the kids were good, especially Freddie Highmore who offers a wonderful portrayal as the serious-minded Peter. In conclusion, beautiful film, very affecting when it needed to be and quite magical to say the least. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

Wonderful Johnny Depp

It's London 1903, J.M. Barrie's (Johnny Depp) latest play is a flop. On an idyllic day in the park, he befriends widower Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Kate Winslet) and her four boys. The youngest being Peter (Freddie Highmore). Sylvia's mother Mrs. Emma du Maurier (Julie Christie) disapproves of her independence, and truly disapproves of her friendship with Barrie. JM's wife Mary (Radha Mitchell) isn't much happier. She'd hope to social climb upon Mrs. du Maurier's standings but in the end, she can't take being left out.

This is a wonderfully sweet movie. Sure a lot of it has been changed from the real history. That really doesn't matter in the least bit. I love the dog. I love the beds. I love all that stuff. It's great to see Johnny Depp in a more reserved role. He is more than wacky characters, and has wonderful chemistry with the kids. It's a gentle family movie for everyone.

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