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Reviewed by mikeiskorn10 / 10


This is exactly how to make a music documentary. I love every second of this and have watched it many times over the years. The information, the way the band open up about themselves and the music is just wonderful. The animation segments are really funny and I still use the stickers on my iPhone. I wish the makers of this doc would make one on every band I love.

Reviewed by maccas-563679 / 10

This is how you do a music doco

This is how you do a music documentary.

Filmage moves along with the pace of a Descendents song. It captures the story of the band in an engaging (and hilarious) way, without ever getting bogged down. There are enough Descendents and All songs here to keep any fan happy and craving a punk show!

The band members are interviewed and all appear like genuine, down to earth guys that just love music. Other musicians (and fans) interviewed are as wide-ranging as Dave Grohl, Mark Hoppus to Fat Mike and a Pulmonologist!

This documentary manages to succeed in being many things. Part appreciation piece, part biography of the band and part inspiring real-life tale, complete with triumph over medical adversity. I didn't expect to come away so inspired. I have loved the band since my teenage years, but didn't realise a documentary on them could motivate me to overcome my own challenges in life.

A must-watch for fans of the band and music in general.

Reviewed by sometimelater10 / 10


Descendents are one of a kind. all the songwriting is so unbelievable. bill stevenson is the bionic man on many levels. ALL. it's so rare & nice to see recognition when there was none. a well produced doc, could have perhaps been better by including some more live music or studio stuff, but still how could this get anything less than 10 stars. they did a good job at telling the story. could have been longer. amazing story, amazing people. incredible, valuable, tight musicians.

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