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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jordan22408 / 10

Nice Indie Film about Indie Film

As others have noted, the low rating seems way out of place here. This is an enjoyable little film with some excellent performances. It's not side-splitting, but it has some chuckles as well as some captivating drama. And Will Sasso steels the show with his performance. One of the better movies I've come across on the streaming platforms recently.

Reviewed by jackonflickr5 / 10

Good main actors, wasted on a "rough draft"/"needs a lot more punching up" feel of a script

There were a few amusing points, and Matt Cook, Diona Reasonover and Will Sasso were all great in their roles, but they deserve better material. The film felt like a pretty "by the numbers" sit-com stretched out to 90 minutes, with cliche things like the girlfriend not coming, the boyfriend then deciding to cheat, and then SURPRISE the girlfriend shows and walks over right as the "other woman" is basically spilling the beans. And then the BIG WINK of the final scene/line about no one wanting to see a movie about a trip to a film festival.

For a funnier, more entertaining look at making a small budget movie, I would recommend the 2019 graphic novel "Penny Nichols" by MK Reed and Greg Means.

Reviewed by vincent_stalba10 / 10

"It's Indie comedy, it's not really laugh driven though." "No laughs?"

No name director and team head to small festival to feed ego and loses what's important.

Fun indie film about indie films and film festivals. It's really well cast, everyone's chemistry is electric and performances are out of control. Writing/improv has some memorable gems "He's so talented right he can play every race". Truthful, sincere, and fun.

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