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Reviewed by tarbosh220006 / 10

It's got heart, and, dare we say, charm.

On the mean streets of Camden, New Jersey ("the murder capital of America", as we're informed),there is an undisclosed location where girls go to fight. Naturally enough, it's called Fight Valley. It seems only the shady underground fight promoters and the fighters themselves know where it is. When one of the ladies, who is a bit more untrained than the other, more hardened fighters, enters Fight Valley, trouble follows. Tori Coro (Durkalec) finds Fight Valley...but never leaves. Soon thereafter, her sister Windsor (Celek) endeavors to find out what happened to her.

The problem: Windsor comes from an upper-middle class or possibly rich background, and she doesn't fit in at all with the dwellers of the ghettos of Camden. Despite their socioeconomic differences, Windsor ends up befriending the "Knockaround Girls" - Tori's friends Jabs (Tate),Duke (O'Brien),Yanni (Kramer),and Jamie (Collesides). When it becomes apparent that the evil, Tong Po or Ivan The Russian-style baddie is a frightening woman named Church (Cyborg),Windsor and all the others train their hearts out for a big, final showdown in Fight Valley. Who will emerge - if I may borrow a phrase from Tori Spelling (as I often do) - vicTORIous? You'll find out soon enough...

Yes, Fight Valley is a low-budget Punchfighter with non-professional actors. But it's got heart, and, dare we say, charm. We here at Comeuppance Reviews are incredibly impressed that this film was completed and released to the world. It's on Amazon Prime, DVD, cable, and presumably it will hit other formats such as Blu-Ray at some point in the future. It was clearly a labor of love and we respect that. To all the haters out there who are crying into their Tapout shirts and proclaiming this is "the worst movie ever!!!!!" we say: you try doing what the makers of Fight Valley did. How many movies have you made? Oh, zero? Okay. Come back when you've actually risked something, created something, and released something.

In the meantime, all of us non-haters can brush aside the negativity and see that the Fight Valley cast and crew were trying. That goes a long way with us. Sure, it's not perfect and it has its flaws, but we say that about big-budget Hollywood productions. We try to judge everything on a level playing field. Much like Fight Valley itself. Viewers should expect going in that you're not going to get Master Thespian-level acting, but is that why you're watching Fight Valley to begin with? Just about everyone in the cast speaks with what you might call a 'flat affect', which we found endearing, not irritating.

Compare that to Chokehold (2019),where the female fighters also had flat affects, but were also there to fight, primarily. Not win Oscars, Tonys, and Blockbuster Awards. Anyway, we wouldn't classify Fight Valley as a "Homie Movie", but it's THIS close. There are some strong Homie Movie influences on the production overall. Also, there's a good, old-fashioned training sequence towards the end that we enjoyed. Because it's 2016, the influence of Crossfit and moving tires around seems to have crept into the training montages. Call it a sign of the times.

The plot is your typical Punchfighting plot, and there's plenty of punching to go around. During the credits, in a little box on the side of the screen, we see behind-the-scenes stills that were taken during the production. It was endearing to see that. It's hard to beat the during-the-credits-and-in-a-box sequence of Attrition (2018),but, to be fair, no one could.

Fans of the real UFC fighters involved or anyone who enjoys female fight films will most likely be the target audience for Fight Valley.

Reviewed by destroyerwod6 / 10

Surprisingly... not bad !!

So being a Miesha Tate fan, i had to watch this movie. The trailer kinda gave me the vibe of a very cheap indy flick, which it is partly but somehow not bad at all for such thing.

The story is actually interesting, i did get emotionally involved in it, and if you want to see Miesha Tate movie debut, well she does have a real role in this. Holly Holm? Just a cameo, i guess they put her as the focus of the cover box because of her title win, cause really she is just a cameo. Cyborg is not too much in it either, and her acting is not good, i guess this is to expect as English ain't her first language from the start but thankfully since her role is small, it pass fine. Miesha really surprised me, i wouldn't say she put a "great performance" but she wasn't bad at all in her acting part. The other actress goes from decent to not too good, but they are not bad enough to put the movie in danger of looking awful either.

The fights? Well i have read lots of reactions to them and i would say this... They are "passable" if i can say. There not very long, there basics, they do there job OK to advance the plot, but clearly it show the director and fight choreographer are both very inexperienced in filming such things.

Movies like Never Back Down for example had much much better fights despite involving actors who are not really fighters. But as weird as it may sound, i had a feeling the fights where not the primary aspect of this movie, it was the plot and how it unfold, and the emotions involved, which surprisingly i got into.

So ... maybe its because i had very low expectation but i was pleased with my VOD rental... I would say if you treat this movie as an indy low budget film, it does a decent job. Forget about the 27 million budget on IMDb page, whoever put this is bogus... If the budget was 1 million i would be surprised... There is nothing costly in this movie beside maybe Miesha Tates pay check lol.

Reviewed by nikola171 / 10

i love idea of this movie but it doesn't make jack sense

*** review contains spoilers*** well it's low budget Version of Fight Club but it's a Lesbian version of film the story doesn't make any sense at all famous UFC fighters like Cris Cyborg, Miesha Tate, Holly Holm all together 3 of them i wish it was movie of 3 of them Cris Cyborg is villain Miesha Tate is lead star the reason why they can't hire Ronda Rousey is because too expensive to hire because this movie is like far too cheap to hire her in this movie because it's low budget B-Class they never have that kinda money for director in his pocket. this movie is so bad direction it has a silly plot twist very stupid like director doesn't know how to write. characters aren't likable at all none of them noting to it. Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg, Mieseha Tate is not the lead role in this movie they are not Mieseha Tate and Cris cyborg are more in movie they act little more in movie director can't choose who is lead role for this movie first of all plot is about group of girls Lesbians you see less guys in movie but hey it's female fighting low cheap budget movie Tori Coro (Chelsea Durkalec),Yanni (Kari J. Kramer) (Erin O'Brien) Duke taken as guys name into girls name and (Cabrina Collesides) Jamie who goes to fight valley AKA fight club that everyone goes around street fighting as in girls version these characters aren't likable trying to act tough all that i like when characters of female is acting tough is into fighting i love when they have interest in fighting it but their personality as characters is not good they aren't likable just bunch of bi**h's group of girls that are just idiots without brains so anyway Tori wants to learn to fight she asks Jabs (Miesha Tate) but she refused not train her bad talent performance ? anyway Tori goes try fight club aka fight valley but then they didn't get her in she has a older sister who has a job and works (Susie Celek) Windsor is older sister Tori wants money is because she is not getting into a lot fights she's living with her father who is drunk she picked to live with her father she lives in town with not many jobs around it's small town they live in. Winsdor refused to give money to Tori i am like ?? OK why doesn't she give her chance give her money to get out of place of town. 2 days later Tori is dead died in fight so now direction of lead goes to Winsdor is going get out their fight for her own revenge type of thing group of girls don't even know how to get answers from people to know who was person fighting with sister.. god i am like these girls are dumb as dumber group of them Winsdor is new to be fighter like her younger sister. so group of girls are telling her to learn how fight she said no then she gets picked at bar with another group of girls i am like jeez this movie plot is so weak the plot and revenge story it's weak very weak. even Ronda Rousey and Gina Carino would say this movie sucks these girls are dumb there's scene where they show holy holms fighting in octagon cage didn't even say word Cris Cyborg comes out

nowhere i am like i didn't see that one coming says thing that's it jeez director can't give the them something to do what a useless script wasted Holly Holms in movie she is only in it for 5 minutes part when she says few words doesn't do noting in bar punch's girl push's someone over she walks out gets her paycheck that's end of Holly Holm. Miesha Tate OK she is pretty but her acting her character is wow useless rubbish acting terrible actress so as Holly Holm. Mieshia character trained lead character Windsor to be fighter like her sister she becomes so useless fighting and training Mieshia is been a pain in the butt as trainer even Rocky Balboa would train Windsor better then her. later on towards at end of film jeez the plot and twist is so stupid it's going to be spoiler alert Miesha Tate trained lead character Windsor like a loser she trained her to fight to lose not to win Windsor becomes useless fighter you have fighting with Cris Cyborg in final showdown witch is useless she can't fight for crap, later on Miesha Tate comes out nowhere goes fights with Cris Cyborg eh noting special fight scene stupid silly twist of movie will give you headaches a lot of it when Cris Cyborg Church that's her name Church killed Tori, Miesha Tate Jabs comes out nowhere sees Tori body Church said make it look like a accident, she knew all about she knew who killed Tori Winsdor trainer was part of murder helped Church help to take Tori Body. she helped her that would make her as villain as well she fights with Church for noting Windsor doesn't do anything like punch her or kill her movie ends i am like jeez this story, plot, the movie is SO confusing i know i should have not taken this seriously i understand it's a b class movie and it does have terrible performance but just because it's b movie doesn't mean i hate it so bad and ugly i loved and liked a lot b-class movies that has a simple plot of movie simple thing in movie without having confusing things in movie. this movie doesn't make a jack sense it's very weak movie very weak. director doesn't know or he didn't plan who is going to be lead role of movie who ever dies becomes a lead role character that's what it is.

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