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Bobby Cannavale as Valiente's Father / Valiente
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Jeremy Sisto as Ferdinand's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Winning and other life goals

This may not be a Pixar movie, but it still is worth your time. It has some wisdoms of life, tells you it is ok to break out of structures while growing up and finding yourself and other positive (I would call them that) messages. Of course this also has jokes about incest and death - though both well "hidden" inside jokes. So something for the adults to enjoy snickering about and something I reckon kids wouldn't get in its entirety.

Good animation, funny dialog and an interesting set of characters add to the overall fun you can have with this. The voice performances are also really fine. Story works for the little ones but also the big ones watching with them (or without - there's no judging who watches it, anybody can).

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Has every bit as big a heart as the titular character himself

Am a massive animation fan, have been from a very early age and as a young adult that has not changed a jot. In fact, love it even more and doing research on so many films, television and cartoons and the animation directing styles and techniques and behind the scenes has helped me appreciate it even more and be more knowledgeable on it.

'Ferdinand' may not be among my favourite animated films ever or even of the year. It is still to me a very good film and worthy of more credit. It doesn't break any new ground and perhaps plays it a little too safe. Kate McKinnon at times overdoes it on the humour and the voice acting, meaning her character is not quite as funny, sometimes annoying even, as she could have been. She does have her moments though.

There is so much to like about 'Ferdinand' though. It is full of charm and has a big heart, as much so as the effortlessly easy to relate to lead character. The other characters are every bit as fun and charming, and there is suitable tension and emotion in the conflict. The bullring elements are well done in capturing the dangers of it, really interesting to see it from a bull's point of view rather than the matador's or the audience.

Despite the story not being much new, it is nevertheless lively in pacing and has a lot of warmth, fun and charm. The sincere message is a relatable one that's important and relevant, and it was handled with tact and not heavy-handedly. The writing may lack the complexity and perfect balance of comedy and drama as 'Coco' (as far as 2017 films go),but mostly is amusing and poignant.

Animation is not as visually spectacular again as 'Coco' but is still full of rich colour and meticulous detail, in short it's great and makes for one of Blue Sky's better looking films. The music fits beautifully.

Voice acting is strong, apart from a lack of subtlety on McKinnon's part. John Cena is the star here in a voice over full of warmth and personality.

Overall, very good. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

enjoyable for the whole family

In Spain, Ferdinand is a young bull. He is eager to see his father off to the bullfight. He is dumbfounded when his father doesn't return and runs away from the ranch. He is adopted by young Nina and her father Juan. He is accepted by her dog Paco. He grows up to be a hulking peaceful bull. During a flower festival, Ferdinand is literally a bull in the china shop and he is taken back to the ranch where he is expected to fight.

This is a Blue Sky - Fox production which also makes the Ice Age franchise. The animation is half a step below the best of the best. It's a nice looking cartoon. The animal designs are nice. The story is fine. The final bullfighting is excellent with some nice laughs. The bull in the china shop is perfect. I only have one big problem. Once Ferdinand is joined by Nina and Paco, he needs to stay connected with those characters somehow. Obviously, Nina can't be at the ranch but she could go on a search for him. Paco is basically an animal sidekick. He could have been a funny small bird or mouse who befriends him at the farm and joins him on the journey. Ferdinand needs a comedic animal sidekick. It's a classic cartoon trope and it's missing from this movie. There are missed opportunity in the writing. Nevertheless, this is enjoyable for the whole family.

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