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Reviewed by nogodnomasters10 / 10


This is a Troma style film. It is a spoof on grindhouse films and perhaps even spoofs Troma films which are spoofs themselves. The dialogue is campy and laughable. The film is on the sacrilegious side of the spectrum.

The film has names such as "Sleazy Mary" who runs the "Low Life Club" a strip joint where Ahab teams up with his sister. My has she grown. I enjoyed the silly dialogue, even the discussion of the metaphor that wasn't a metaphor.

Perv guide: F-bomb, sex, male rape, ample nudity including male full frontal which may or may not be real. I would guess this film would have less appeal than "Toxic Avenger" but more appeal than "

Reviewed by BA_Harrison8 / 10

It had to happen sooner or later.

A one-eyed vigilante with a troubled past, a teenage rent boy and a disillusioned priest team up against a demonic, father-raping killer from hell.

With all the faux-grindhouse movies being made these days it was only a matter of time before someone got the great idea of parodying them. Father's Day, from legendary producers of low-budget trash Troma, takes all of the conventions and clichés we know and love and mercilessly exaggerates them, and in the process, actually manages to replicate the look and feel of genuine exploitation movies far better than most serious attempts at doing so.

The directors, of which there are five, have the look and feel spot on—from the fake 'recorded off late-night TV' intro, to the distressed, gaudily lit imagery (flickers, lines on the picture, hairs caught in the camera gate) and the excellent lo-fi electronic score—and the cast all do a great job (even Lloyd Kaufman is bearable).

As is the case with many a Troma movie, good taste isn't very high on the agenda, meaning that the film more than delivers the goods when it comes to offensive material: forced buggery, genital mutilation, and incest all get a look in, and there is enough nudity and splatter to satisfy even the most jaded of trash movie fans. Even though the studio's typically puerile humour is a little hit and miss, and the finale in Hell perhaps stretches things a touch too far, Father's Day is a whole lot of fun that shouldn't be missed by any self-respecting movie deviant.

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

Reviewed by lovecraft2319 / 10

My new favorite Troma movie

It's hard to mention "Father's Day" without talking about the controversy surrounding it. It all started in 2010, when it was announced that Troma was going to help finance a movie based on a mock trailer made by a Canadian collective known as Astron 6. The movie eventually got released in festivals and midnight screenings-and when it came time for a DVD/Blu-Ray release, word got out that there were problems between the two. Apparently, Lloyd was selling bootleg copies of the movie, and that the Astron 6 logo was not included on the poster. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, then that really sucks. Especially when the end result is probably my favorite Troma movie, and is the best thing they've done in forever (I'm not a "Citizen Toxie", "Terror Firmer" or "Poultrygeist" fan to be honest.)

The story is one we all know well: As a kid, Ahab saw his father become raped and murdered by serial killer Chris Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdoch),who has a thing for dads. Years later, the spree continues, and Father John Sullivan (Matthew Kennedy) and a gay street hustler named Twink (Conner Sweeney) want a now adult Ahab (Adam Brooks) to stop this father rapist once and for all. However, things are going to be hard, as Fuchman also has his eyes set on Ahab's sister Chelsea (Amy Groening.) To make matter worse, it turns out that this killer isn't all he seems to be.

First things first: This is not a movie for the squeamish. There's multiple scenes of male rape, tons of male nudity (some of it comical, though there's also plenty of female nudity to go with it),graphic gore and even genital mutilation. In spite of all that, this is actually a comedy that serves as both a homage and a satire of exploitation films. Think what would happen if a Canadian sketch comedy troupe like The Kids in the Hall did a horror/comedy, and you might be close. Thankfully, it's also frequently funny, with at least 98% of the jokes hitting their target. Next to "Black Dynamite", this is the funniest Neo-Grindhouse movie I've seen. Plus, it has the best Lloyd Kaufman cameo ever, as he shows up as both God and Satan.

On top of that, it's also very well made. The direction is top notch throughout, and actually manages to do what most micro-budget (this cost $10,000) movies can't do and makes it look at least 10 times it's budget. The acting is also good, with everyone hitting the right tone and managing to make their characters interesting (Twink is my favorite. Dude's hilarious.) Add a dead on score, great make-up and gore effects, great one liners and tons of enthusiasm and literal blood, sweat and tears to make it, and you have yourself a winner.

"Father's Day" will not be for everyone. Those who are easily grossed out or offended (hell, even those of hardened sensibilities will find themselves cringing) will most likely avoid it. For me though, this is one of the best exploitation tributes I've ever seen, and is a must for fans of Troma or warped comedy in general.

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