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Peter Stormare Photo
Peter Stormare as Gaear Grimsrud
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Steve Buscemi as Carl Showalter
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William H. Macy as Jerry Lundegaard
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Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul2001sw-17 / 10


The Coen brothers' 'Fargo' is nearly a great film: a beautifully shot, blackly comic thriller that quietly subverts every convention of the genre. This is a film where the remote mid-western city of Minneapolis plays the same role as New York in a normal crime story, a hub of civilisation and vice; where the hero is a woman (and a heavily pregnant, happily married woman at that); and the chief villain a car salesman of absolutely no slickness whatsoever. In a final irony, most of the action doesn't even take place in Fargo, but in the even more obscure town of Brainerd. Yet I found it hard to love this film. At brief moments (in depicting the relationship of policewoman Marge, played superbly by Frances McDormaid, and her husband),it feels astonishingly tender, yet at others, it feels as if it is simply making fun of the strange folks from outer America with the wacky accents and absurdly stoical demeanour. And the combination of deadpan acting and frankly silly plot excess sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Above all else, perhaps, 'Fargo' lacks a beating heart: while nearly moving, and nearly funny, there's a part of this film that refuses to commit itself, that prefers to hold back and mock not just its subjects, but also the idea that a film should take itself seriously. The Coens are widely celebrated as among the best film-makers of our age, but watching their films, I usually end up wondering whether irony is not a slightly over-rated virtue. Fargo looks lovely, and weird, and has a wry outlook all of it's own; but it won't make you laugh out loud, or cry. If it wasn't called a masterpiece I might almost like it.

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

I'm glad I gave this one a second chance.

I saw and reviewed "Fargo" long ago and I decided to re-watch it tonight....and I am glad that I did. The first time I saw it, I gave it a very poor review....and this time I appreciated it much more. I think the reason, though, isn't all my fault. I think it is because the film had SO much hype....so many people saying it was brilliant that the film simply could NOT live up to all the hype. In other words, while a very good film, it certainly was hyped a LOT when it debuted and garnered a lot of attention during the Oscars. I think it also didn't help that they called it a comedy...which it really isn't.

The story, despite what it says at the prologue, is NOT a true story. It's the story of a greedy idiot and some dangerous idiots who go to work for him arranging for a kidnapping of the man's wife. I'd say more....but at this point there are over 1000 reviews on IMDB.

I recommend you see it. Just adjust your expectations and DON'T think it's a comedy. Yes, a few parts are darkly funny but the Coen Brothers do not appear to have been making a comedy here. I'd put it in the same sort of category as their gritty films like "Blood Simple". The acting is excellent, particularly Francis McDormand who won the Oscar for her performance. She played a most unusual character....one who was not funny at all...just a competent sheriff who manages to unravel a weird and most unusual...and bloody case.

Overall, I strongly recommend the film...it's well done, though a few other Coen Brothers films manage to be even better.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca10 / 10

My favourite Coen brothers movie

The Coen brothers can always be guaranteed to deliver a quirky, diverting, off-key movie experience, and FARGO remains their most successful movie to date; a story of small-town life, dead cold temperatures, and a bloody crime wave. As with the majority – if not all – of their films, it's a densely-plotted, intelligently-scripted story, with a cold grasp on reality throughout but nevertheless some absurd situations to enjoy.

Things begin small and gradually build up to a blood-spattered climax, propelled by tons of originality and irregularity which propels this past most similar genre fare. Frances McDormand deservedly got an Oscar for her excellent performance as the pregnant cop, but William H. Macy is equally good as the nervous car salesman whose life spirals out of control. Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare are also brilliant as the two psychotic criminals who begin by kidnapping and end in … well I'll leave it for you to find out. In parts touching, warm, funny, frightening and shocking, FARGO is an example of the crime thriller at its best.

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