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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

so close... if it had been 10 minutes shorter it would have been a 10!

Fantasia is so educational, and I was gob smacked by how well the animation mixed with the classical music. Can I also say that Leopold Stokowski is one of the best conductor of the 20th century, right on a parallel with Herbert Von Karajan? I was listening to Sibelius's 5th symphony a few years back, and he conducted it the year before he died, and he was in his 90s. Not only that, but that was the best version of that symphony I had ever heard. Back to Fantasia then. Each piece was expertly introduced by Deems Taylor, and unlike its sequel didn't take too long.(Even the soundtrack vignette was interesting) In the sequel, almost half of the film felt like too much introduction and not enough music. Fantasia rectified that problem brilliantly:

1. Bach's Toccata- Brilliant silhouettes of the orchestra, and then masterful abstract images. The orchestra played the piece to a phenomenal standard, and I hate to say this, but I actually prefer the piece orchestrated. It was originally written for organ, you see. The best thing about Stokowski is that you see him conducting without a baton, which is exceedingly clever.

2. Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker- I recommend you see the ballet, because it is a knockout. This is coming from a classical music lover. The animation was superb in this vignette. The most impressive thing though was the fact that the finishes immediately went into the next scene, without it being hackneyed. The waltz, or Dance of the Snow Fairies, was the highlight of this vignette, reminding me so strongly of Christmas.

3. Dukas's Scorceror's Apprentice- The most famous vignette, is the only vignette to feature in the sequel. YenSid(Disney backwards) has a magic hat, which he leaves lying around, and Mickey Mouse picks it up, and encounters various problems. the animation is very good here, and while I'm not a huge fan of the piece, I still found it enjoyable.

4. Stravinsky's Rite of Spring- This is the only reason why the movie isn't a 10. This vignette is far too long It's longer than the Beethoven. It is an interesting subject, dinosaurs, but the ballet wasn't simplified enough. This was boring, and was better left out. It was only here to give some historical context. However, there was beautiful animation and some lovely instrumental solos. Stravinsky hated what the film did to his work, but anyway I don't like Stravinsky much. I had no problem with the animation or the way it was performed, it was just too long.

5. Beethoven's pastoral Symphony- This is a fantastic piece of music. I am a huge fan of Beethoven, and I have all his 9 symphonies on my IPod. My favourites are this, the Choral and the Eroica. I loved the fact that they chose a Greek mythological setting, because it looked gorgeous. My dad who is a conductor wasn't keen on the centaurs, but I loved the winged horses, Bacchus and Zeus (who competes with Chernabog as the most frightening character of the movie). This vignette was so relaxing to watch; think it as like reciting a poem.

6. Ponchielli's Dance of the Hours-This was the funniest vignette of the film, and one of the many gems of Disney. It was a bit unrealistic of course, but it was fun. At first, I was worried that the most famous scene from the opera La Giaconda, would be ruined by the animation. But it wasn't. It was perfect. Even the elephants and hippos, considering their size, danced so elegantly, I was shocked. This vignette is a must-see if you want some comedy.

7. Mussorgsky's Night on Bare Mountain- Now this was my personal favourite, as when I first watched it when I was 10, and I was terrified of Chernabog. The music is also very hard to play, as the mood is very hard to capture, but this is undoubtedly the finest recording of this music. Chernabog was genuinely frightening, and a masterful creation. And the animation, while dark, matched the music, which is enough to give you nightmares, flawlessly. It was very like a Witch's Sabbath, which was what the composer originally intended. Do you know, that for his underrated fantasy movie Legend, Ridley Scott based Tim Curry's Darkness on Chernabog? Children may find it a bit too frightening, and adults may find it inappropriate, as there is a tiny glimpse of nudity. But it was still an effective vignette, and one of my favourite Disney moments actually.

8. Schubert's Ave Maria- This is a beautiful song, and Stokowski did it justice. The harmonies and animation were perfectly captured. how could you say this was boring? The animation couldn't have been happy looking, it would have completely ruined the mood of the song. It was beautifully sung by Juillietta Novis, who was so quiet that you had to turn the volume up, but that was the intention. The thing that impressed me most, was the complete contrast of this from the Mussorgsky, so the key of Ave Maria was so well chosen. (It is sung in many different keys.) In conclusion, the most underrated of the earlier Disney efforts, is well worth watching and a true animated classic! Also I was offended by the review that said that it was the worst movie ever made, and that the people who love this movie need new taste, that is plain insulting to anyone who grew up with this film. 9/10 Bethany Cox.

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Not all thatcompelling except for the music and perhaps the art...and many kids will become restless if they watch it.

The music is lovely throughout most of the movie. And, I like Diney animation. So, why did I dislike this movie?! Well, because it was so boring! Although a "classic" film, many children who are shown the film are really bored except for the cute stuff (like the Sorcerer's Apprentice and the dancing mushrooms). And, many adults will, perhaps, like the music but find it more fun just to turn on a CD of classical tunes (I fall in that category). This is because many of the segments just seem to fall flat (particularly the dinosaur portion). I would have much preferred the efforts to have been spent on producing a movie like "Bambi" or "Pinocchio" (which came out around the same time).

I know people who like it, so I am not saying they are WRONG. Instead, I am pointing out that this movie will NOT appeal to everyone--certainly not me or my family--though we might like a segment here or there.

As for me, I'd much rather watch a fun Disney film!

UPDATE: Since reviewing "Fantasia", I have seen a similar sort of Disney film "Make Mine Music"--which lacks almost everything good about "Fantasia". The art is noticeably cheaper looking and the music was often much more forgettable. The net effect was to make me appreciate "Fantasia" a bit more. Perhaps I was too harsh towards this 1940 film and I'll amend my score to 7--though it STILL is pretty to look at and listen to but also often quite dull (especially for kids).

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

There's a great 30 minutes in this 2 hours

It's orchestra classical music set against animation. I don't really like the introductions by the M/C. Quite frankly, it would a lot better with simple caption to indicate the music being played and its history. It would probably be more informative which seems to be important and they could deliver more information. The other main problem is the length. This is really only compelling for at most 30 minutes. It's material for a short. For a full length movie, this needs an actual story.

There are some fun bits here and there. I like the Chinese mushrooms. Mickey Mouse as The Sorcerer's Apprentice is great but it's only about 10 minutes. Then there are the dancing hippos. That section is inspired. If these sections are combined, that would be a highly entertaining 30 minutes.

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