Family Dinner

2022 [GERMAN]

Drama / Horror / Mystery

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Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10


No pun intended - someone who supposedly is good at diets, should be able to help a family member out, right? Well you would think that, but on the other hand, it seems like she has issues to keep her own son in check, so maybe she is not the best person to get advice from.

Now overall I assume most will know (predict) where the movie is going. You will not get bonus points (or brownies for that matter),if you guess that right. Even the weirdly placed wooden ritual thing is very on the nose. Still, this is a first time filmmaker (feature length that is) and maybe you are able to cut him some slack for that.

The performances are good, though quite understated. As intended I assume. There is insanity, but there could be more. There is some logic to it all, but there could be way better decision making. From all involved ... but it is what it is. Either go with the flow or leave it be.

Reviewed by slabihoud7 / 10

Tame countryside horror

The film was advertised as a domestic horror film and the mood and the location was very well met. In terms of action, the whole film takes place on a farm in the countryside (Lower Austria),the actors are all very convincing and were well chosen. Pia Hierzegger is of course fantastic as the aunt, very believable.

The label horror film is too strong for me, although it certainly fits into the genre, but measured against today's usual horror films, the film is already rather harmless, more psychological thriller. Also, the film offers little surprising.

The story: overweight teenager Simi visits aunt Claudia, a nutrition expert, in the countryside (with hopes to be helped with dieting),with (newly married) uncle Stefan and cousin Fillip (from the first marriage of the aunt). Simi feels uncomfortable from the beginning, the cousin a creep, the aunt strict, the uncle too nice?

I felt they got inspired by films like "Get Out," "The Wicker Man," as well as some Hammer films from the sixties. Without giving more away, you definitely guess what the whole thing is leading up to in the course of the film. That's what I meant by unsurprising. I was missing a twist that would change your view of the story and question your perception, so to speak, but that twist doesn't come. Conclusion: well done, but not top notch.

Reviewed by ops-525355 / 10

there are...

Many ways to get rid of some bodyweight, and having someone in the family that is considered an expert on the tema, its like celebrating x-mas and easter together for the overweight niece, that will spend her holiday there.

But things arent as they see in this psychological ''heimat'' thriller called family dinner...

its austrian made and produced, the script is very narrow, the acting doesnt do the 10 meter dive, and the set degigns and choice of location aint thrilling. Its not a religious faith based movie, more a film of anger and bitterness, a real hellhole for the young.

Its not an easter/oster crime thing, rather a slow and grim featureless production made on a buck and a half. So pile up on patience, things will happen for sure, but not for the grumpy old man.

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