Fade to Black



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One5 / 10

When Jay-Z retired from rap (2004)

This documentary is part making of THE BLACK ALBUM and part his retirement concert in Madison Square Guarden intertwined with each other.

Throughout the documentary there is constant talk of Jay-Z's retirement with fans and friends talking about how they can't believe the Jigga man is retiring.

But of course that all turned out to be nothing more than a publicity stunt because 2 years later he released a new album and have made countless albums since.

So it definitely loses it's value from that fact, although tbh I and many others never believed him when he said he was retiring and there are enough good performances and insight on the making of the album that it makes worth watching regardless (if you're a fan).

Even if Jay-Z's performance on MTV's UNPLUGGED was a lot better though.

So yeah nothing amazing, and the retirement was just another hustle for Hov to put on his resumé and as he said 'you can't knock the hustle' so I guess we can't knock it too hard, and it's a hard knock life after all so knock knock on.

Reviewed by boblipton6 / 10

It's The Audience's Energy, Not The Performers'

I have just looked at this concert film on Turner Classic Movies. There have been a lot of concert movies running on that venue recently, and I run the risk of overdosing on them. Nonetheless, it was there, and it look at it.

First, I need to note that I am not the core audience for rap music. It's not my music at all, even though I can link it to the talking blues and recitative. The simplicity of its music and the crudeness of its language both bore me. So, can I place myself in the dual position of one of this show's audience, while standing far enough outside to judge its inherent value? You be the judge of that.

It is mostly a stage show, and an obviously and carefully plotted one, that makes its performers and the artists that walk onstage for an 'impromptu' rap battle look far less than spontaneous to my eye. Clearly, however, the theater audience doesn't care, and it's their energy that is infectious, energy that breaks through the constrained pace of the rappers.

Reviewed by Piedreau10 / 10

Already a classic hiphop video

If you're a Jay Z fan this registration is a trip down memory lane. The concert and the backgrounds behind the songs off the Black Album are portrayed and during one last concert at Madison Square Garden the roof is blown off by one of rap's most talented mc's. Starring everyone from Mary J Blige, Beyonce to R. Kelly as guest performers this show has it all. One hell of a concert will give you insights into his music and if you weren't a fan yet, you will be after the credits roll.

Most hiphop or concert videos are done poorly. A few takes behind the scenes of bored band members and screaming groupies tell you nothing your imagination couldn't have figured out for itself. This movie however shows new insights into the way the collaboration with different artists works and yet doesn't distract from it's main purpose: show you the music, send you the vibe people must have had at the concert at Madison Square Garden.

Top notch!

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