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Reviewed by begob6 / 10


Well, they fooled me. Won't mention my suspicion and spoil it for others.

It's low budget but well worked out. The criticism about confusion in the plot doesn't hold, but I do think they made a mistake in the story telling. At about 30 mins the investigator is able to channel the subject's current state of consciousness, even though their connection was broken four years earlier. This is resolved, but it takes about 15 mins and in that time I was losing a bit of faith in the story. Should have explained it straight away.

Another criticism is that they had to rely on a recap montage toward the end - same kind of thing as used in Predestination. In this case I don't think it was necessary because the puzzle is nice and tight. They might have used that time to give us more insight on the victim to increase the emotional hit.

But it does end good and emotional, which I guess is hard to achieve with one of these puzzlers.

So - not perfect, but good entertainment. Thanks to the other reviewers for recommending.

Reviewed by view_and_review6 / 10

Sci-Fi Murder Mystery

If you've seen "Dreamscape" or "Inception" then you'll have an idea what this movie is like. A man named Tom Jacobs (Sasha Roiz) invented a machine and a process to enter the minds of others in order to review their memories. He only needed funding to make his dream a reality. His funding source happened to be the Department of Corrections. His test subject was Anthony Willis (Dominic Bogart),a man convicted of killing his girlfriend. Tom was to enter Anthony's mind and see whether or not Anthony was the real killer. Unfortunately, an error occurred and Tom got stuck in Anthony's mind indefinitely. Anthony went on living normally, albeit behind bars, while Tom was stuck in a vegetative state.

"Extracted" was like a "Black Mirror" episode (which I happen to love). It was good sci-fi with adequate suspense. This is a low budget film that gets the most out of every dollar. I was bothered a couple of times with Tom's wife Abbey (Jenny Mollen). She was a bit too impatient for me for a woman whose husband was missing for four years. Specifically, when she was walking out on Anthony because he didn't spit out an answer for her quick enough. It seemed very irrational.

As a refresher: Tom met Anthony in his head and told him to get a hold of his wife to let her know he was still alive because she didn't know where he was for the last four years. To get Abbey to believe Anthony, Tom told Anthony very personal details about Abbey that only he'd know. She agreed to meet with Anthony, asked him a personal question only Tom could answer, yet didn't want to give Anthony two minutes to get the answer. It seemed very cold and petulant to me. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of her husband for four years and she couldn't wait two minutes to confirm that Anthony could really talk to Tom?

I don't want to overblow that interaction, it was just one of those things that bothers you enough to stick out. This was still a good movie and well worth watching.

Reviewed by bowmanblue7 / 10

Interesting, intelligent low-budget sci-fi

Have you ever seen an episode of the sci-fi series 'The Outer Limits?' If you have, you'll probably be aware of the hour long science fiction shows which could be about anything out of the ordinary. You'll also probably be aware that they're pretty low budget and depend on the idea behind them as to whether they're good or not.

Luckily, for 'Extraction's' sake, the idea makes the lack of budget and stars worthwhile. It's about a man who invents a machine to look into people's mind. The first thought from the authorities is 'can it be used to ascertain guilt from potential criminals?' Therefore, they try it on a man accused of murder. However, nothing like this ever goes right and the inventor finds his consciousness trapped inside the accused man. Can he find a way out? And here we have our movie.

The direction is pretty standard. You may expect that being 'inside someone's mind' may allow for some stunning 'Inception-like' visuals. Well, there aren't any. It's a pretty linier story as he tries to make contact with his former family, but, if you can forgive its visual blandness, you should enjoy the ride. It's not a long film, which also makes it appear like an extended episode of a TV show.

The acting is good and it all ties up nicely, providing enough twists and turns along the way to keep you interested. Plus it even asks a few questions about 'memory' and just how reliable it really is. All in all, if you like your sci-fi a little slower with no real action and more thinking, you should give this a try.


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