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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Hilarious? Not really....but it is interesting.

Philip Rosenthal wrote and produced the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond". Now that the show has run its course in the States, Rosenthal is trying to sell the idea of the series to the Russians. The problem is that the cultures are very, very different. What's funny in America isn't always funny in Russia and vice-versa. As "Raymond" wasn't as broadly written as some more successful comedies in Russia (such as "The Nanny"). And, in addition, so often Rosenthal has no idea what's going on when he visits the country--so much gets lost in translation.

I noticed that another reviewer found this documentary hilarious. Well, I didn't--and this isn't a complaint, really. It is occasionally droll. But what I think is that the film is insightful and gives the viewer a look at cross-cultural differences--and that's what I appreciated about the film. Not a must-see, but very enjoyable. And, in some ways it reminds me of the Albert Brooks film "Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World" combined with an episode of Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimern's shows on travel and gastronomy. Rosenthal just visits with various Russians and films whatever happens--for good or bad. Interesting.

Reviewed by studioAT3 / 10

It's ok, but not the 'comedy' it's pitched as being.

I agree with other reviewers who said that this isn't actually half as funny as it is made out to be on the DVD case, but as a 'Raymond' fan it is interesting enough, seeing Phil Rosenthal battle to adapt his US sitcom for Russian audiences.

Rosenthal is as engaging as ever, and there are some nice moments, but it feels more like a DVD extra, rather than something that warranted a features length documentary.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

making TV

Phil Rosenthal is the co-creator of the hit American TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond". He is offered a chance to adapt it to Russian TV. He is brought to Moscow but it's a case of fish out of water. An early nemesis is costumer Elena Starodubtseva who wants the highest of fashion for this regular middle class family. The writers are single and they don't get his comedy about marriage. Later, Phil finds out that they are overworked in this new field of sitcom writing in Russia. His constant support is translator Marina. There are problems with the executives and the hiring of the lead that he wants. In the end, it is the twists and turns of getting a TV show put on the screen. I don't watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" but that doesn't matter. It is a very insightful look in TV production no matter where. It is compelling to see if it works and actually funny with the exasperated Phil.

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