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Reviewed by selfdestructo5 / 10

Close to 2 hours of cell phone conversations!

I can only assume this is by design. I've watched 6-7 of this guy's movies now, and here's one thing I've learned: Bill Zebub flaunts convention VERY hard. Does that always result in entertaining, engaging, or effective moviemaking? Not necessarily. It's a chore to get through some of these, yet I can 100% appreciate taking the road less traveled (or in Zebub's case, not traveled at all). So, there are some unique experiences to be had. I guess his brand is supposed to be "rape-horror," which seems to be incorporated into everything. Even the two movies I watched where he plays himself, as a no-budget director, traveling to shoots and conventions, and dealing with all-manner of difficult actresses (assuming that too is autobiographical).

This one's called Exploitation, and along with Indie Director (which I genuinely enjoyed),were far and away the least exploitative movies I've seen in the lot. I'm not even going to pretend to follow the story (as there generally isn't one),but I think I've already described it above. It's a series of encounters, and phone conversations (plus the occasional deer insert -- hello Von Trier). I think he's just doing his thing, in what I'd consider his own genre, and not taking things too seriously (an abundance of aspects are just plain absurd)... cracking up actresses in the process... and LEAVING IT IN! Which leaves me with the question I have to ask in all these reviews: Where does he get these actresses?! No matter how bored you get, there's always foxy ladies in lingerie (or less) to gawk at (and he has his way with basically all of them),playing actor/director in a long line of rapes for his "movies." (in this case, scenes filmed INSIDE the movie).

There's a number of funny things in this, if you've got the patience. One thing I liked was when a fan called him, and offered him money for credit in one (or 5) of his films as a producer. Bill goes on a whole tangent saying what a scam it basically is. YET, if you go to his most recent fundraiser, producer credit is offered for a price! I have to believe he gets this all the time, and I thought the offer was hilarious.

Reviewed by perfectx-714151 / 10

Simply Awful!!

What's there to really say about this film? Just like all Bill Zebub this film is terrible. Mind you just like any other heterosexual male I love seeing a nude women, but in Bill Zebub movies these are the only things to look forward to. And the nudity shown in the most uninteresting sort of way. Little to no story and the scenes are usually shown in a weird dark fetish way. But mind you it's shown In the most low budget and cheesy way that it doesn't even have this dark horror film aesthetic it's trying to portray. This movie and like all his others are just goofy nonsense that waste nothing but your life. The only plus is the few women that you get to see naked that you quickly get tired of seeing naked. Trash bin fetish soft core at its laziest!

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