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Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

How it looks

If you watch this under the guise of how social media has changed our (love) lives ... well that is quite something. Maybe it gives the whole movie a different aspect ... a different incentive, a different perspective, a better angle for you to review it from.

That being said, the movie does seem to have a bit of a lane change midway through ... still a decent effort overall it just may feel like a different movie from a certain point forward. Not that the twist at the end should surprise anyone ...

Reviewed by boyar-jedi8 / 10

She's coming after you

Making a quality horror movie is actually not that easy. This is a great responsibility to the audience who hai already seen such cult films as "Insidious", "The Conjuring" and "Paranormal Activity". However, only several films of the genre released in the past few years actually deserve attention. One of these horror films, personally, I consider "Ex".

The story tells us about a young girl Katya is going to marry her beloved boyfriend Sasha and everything seems to be perfect but then suddenly strange stuff starts happening around our couple. Sasha's former lover sends the guy odd messages, and Katya begins to feel that someone is watching her even when she knows for sure that there can be no one around. This means that mysticism is definitely involved in the case.

The film won me over with its tense atmosphere and a large number of high-quality screamers. The creators skillfully escalate the tension and close to the finale you sit on the edge of the chair, covering your eyes with your hands, and get ready for the worst. And you can believe me, "Ex" will not disappoint your expectations and the climax of the film is worthy.

Thus, the film is definitely remarkable. This is the one of those few horror films that are truly frightening and make you peer into the darkness with caution, because something creepy can definitely hide there.

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