Evil Intent


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Reviewed by lavatch1 / 10

"She Found Us"

After the opening scene of "Psycho Nurse" (a.k.a., "Evil Intent," a.k.a., "Munchausen by Internet"),it is easy to tell that we are in for a ghoulish experience. Gwen, the psycho nurse of the title attempts to asphyxiate the kind old Ida Leonard, setting the stage for a string unspeakable horrors.

Subsequently, Gwen approaches a beautiful family, Todd and Mira Lloyd, to take care of their little boy Max, who has Duchene muscular dystrophy. As Mira observes when asked about the circumstances of the hire, "she found us."

In her twisted mind, Gwen believes that she could be a better mother to little Max than Mira. To that end, Gwen drives a wedge into the marriage of Mira and Todd. The attempts she makes to seduce Todd fail miserably. But Gwen succeeds in using a cocktail of "toxicant receptors" to drug Mira.

Along the way, Gwen takes the life of the kind Dr. Keller, who might have identified her as psychopath she is. She also murders Mira's co-worker Karen, who was the first to recognize Gwen for the phony that she was.

After attempting to make it appear that Mira was consorting with David Webber, whose wife Laurel she had murdered, Gwen stabs the poor widower to death and seeks to frame Mira for the deed.

From start to finish, the film was far too unpleasant. It was easy to root for the "little guy" Max and to hope that good will triumph over evil. But the evil presented in this film went too far to the extreme.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen5 / 10

Predictable and generic, but still enjoyable...

Well, this 2019 movie titled "Evil Intent", although I found it with the cover titled "Psycho Nurse", turned out to be exactly as I expected it to be. That being a predictable thriller that follows the how-to-make-a-thriller blueprint by the numbers.

Sure, "Evil Intent" was watchable and entertaining enough for what it was. This wasn't exactly the brightest moment in the history of thrillers, but "Evil Intent" actually turned out to be enjoyable enough for what it was. Sure, this is hardly a movie that you'll watch more than once, as the contents of the storyline just doesn't have enough in it to support multiple viewings.

The storyline in "Evil Intent" was classic script book material. I mean, you knew exactly how the plot would play out and how the movie would end. And surprise, writer Hannah C. Langley didn't veer from that course one bit.

I will say that the acting in the movie was good, despite of the actors and actresses being somewhat restricted and limited in terms of the script and plot. But they definitely put on good performances, which helped carry the movie and making it stay afloat and prevented it from sinking into a grave marked "less than mediocre".

But that was it, wasn't it? "Evil Intent" was just mediocre. I mean, the movie at the hands of director Michael Feifer just failed to throw the audience off of the track. Everything was just so rigidly scripted and predictable.

My rating of "Evil Intent" is a mediocre five out of ten stars. This was by no means among the worst of thrillers that I have sat through, however nor was it among the best either.

Reviewed by phd_travel5 / 10

Good start then formula

Starts off promising with a Hand That Rocks the Cradle thing going on. Nice house and pretty lead actress Lyndon Smith reminds of Lynn Collins when young. It's obvious what she is after as a nurse helping look after a boy with muscular dystrophy. She does the usual get rid of threats and weaken the wife things. Liked the part she pretends to be the wife's support group male friend online. The wife is a bit of a basket case even without her help. But the finale is weak and an anti climax. Sean Faris is a bit wasted as the silly husband.

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