Evil Alien Conquerors


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Michael Weston as Kenny
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Chris Parnell as Du-ug
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Diedrich Bader as My-ik
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Beth Grant as Sheila
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen6 / 10

Enthuse for Rabirr!...

I stumbled upon the 2003 comedy "Evil Alien Conquerors" here in 2021. I had never heard about it, nor did I know what it was about. But still, I opted to sit down to watch the movie.

It was a blast to see Diedrich Bader, Chris Parnell and Tyler Labine in this movie, and they really were nicely cast for the roles in the movie. But the movie also had the likes of Elden Henson and Tori Spelling on the cast list.

Now, it should be said that "Evil Alien Conquerors" is a truly unique movie, and it is one that might not sit well with just everyone in the audience, as it can be something of an acquired taste. I definitely enjoyed the movie and the comedy here as written by writers Chris Matheson and Ryan Rowe. So I was rather entertained by this off-beat comedy.

The storyline told in "Evil Alien Conquerors" is extraordinary. It is about two otherworldly visitors that has come to Earth to take over the world, but failing to do so miserably as they are sidetracked by alcoholic beverage, friendship and love.

I was enjoying this movie quite a bit and it was a rather nice surprise to stumble upon this movie. It is without a doubt a movie that I would recommend you sit down to watch, if you haven't already seen it. Now, keep in mind that this is not your typical average comedy though.

My rating of the 2003 comedy "Evil Alien Conquerors" lands on a six out of ten stars.

Reviewed by Enchorde1 / 10

So stupid, such a waste of time

Recap: My-ik and Du-ug is sent to Earth to conquer and kill all mankind. To complete their task they have two and a half day, then a 100-feet tall giant human-eating monster will be sent after them. Unfortunately for our two evil conquerors, their swords came through the transport extremely small. Now the aliens have to trust their abilities, skill and superiority to finish their task. Unfortunately, they have none. And discovering such treasures as Smirnoff Ice, and two lovely ladies, they start to doubt their mission.

Comments: Now, there are good movies, and there are bad movies. In the bad category there are just plain bad movies, and there are so bad movies that they're funny. This movie creates a completely new category. This movie is so extremely awfully bad, that it is not even remotely funny. What was supposed to be jokes, was just plain stupid. What was supposed to be a story was a bad edited, poorly explained, predictable mess. What is supposed to be the great ending, is just a coverall dressed man, stumbling about screaming. And that is supposed to be the best in the entire movie? Now, I understood that this was low budget, but please, I've seen far better movies with far less budget. Written by Matheson, also the author behind Bill & Ted, I can't imagine what he has done to loose all talent the past decade. Where Bill and Ted is a masterpiece (in comparison anyway) in fun simplicity and a success on all levels, Evil Alien Conquerors fails in every aspect. Acting performance is as bad as other aspects of the movie, and i can't imagine how actors like Diedrich Bader and Tori Spelling ended up in this mess, it wasn't for the money obviously.

The best part of the entire production is the title 'Evil Alien Conquerors' that actually made me smile, and fooled me into waste 86 minutes of my life. I want them back!


Reviewed by Rob_Taylor3 / 10

I thought it was really funny..........then the doorbell woke me up.

There really isn't much to say about this "film". It has the odd smile or chuckle moment, but on the whole it's bland, predictable and generally pretty dull.

The only reason I gave it three out of ten was for the annoyingly catchy jingle (which I hope I will forget soon....please God!). Otherwise its junk. Or mostly junk, interspersed with adverts for Smirnoff Ice.

The lead characters give OK performances, but they really don't have anything much to work with.

Best advice: Avoid it like a dentist's appointment. Or better yet, make a dentist's appointment instead of watching it.

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