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Reviewed by chenp-547084 / 10

Every Day in Kaimuki feels more like Every Day in Boredom

Saw this back at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Every Day in Kaimuki is directed by Alika Tengan and it's about an young man is determined to give his life meaning outside of Kaimuki, the small Hawaiian town where he grew up, even if it means leaving everything he's ever known and loved behind. While it is beautifully shot throughout, the movie puts it's audience to observe in an uninteresting character and may potentially put the audience to sleep. There are many nice shots of the Hawaiian landscape and interesting production choices presented. Some really good colors and lights demonstrated in this movie. Although certain scenes were way too dark to see. I am not sure if this is suppose to be a movie or documentary. Or either both Doc Drama kind of movie. It's really unclear what the movie is trying to go for.

All the performances aren't terrible but they aren't great as well. Some felt like they have no direction given and just were told to just act for the camera while some were trying their best to seem realistic but falls flat. The main character isn't interesting and sometimes comes off arrogant which I don't think the filmmaker is going for that kind of direction. The music choices were alright but even for a very short run time, it still felt like it was longer then that.

What does the movie want to observe? Is it trying to be more profound? Is it wanting to discuss deeper emotions of the human mind? Or is it trying to be an experience about moving on? I assume that the movie has some of these themes involved but it didn't do much to offer. Narrative wise is really basic as you can predict everything that is going to happen from the beginning all the way to the end. At the end of day, Tengan displays talent but the creative vibrancy lays low, as if it is waiting for something happen. Like a good pineapple pizza.

Rating: C

Update: On April 20, 2022, I gave this movie a second watch at the 2022 Atlanta Film Festival. I'm starting to understand a little more what the movie wants to be. It's a narrative purpose about moving on and having to experience the upcoming future that you aren't able to tell what is coming. But I still have didn't like it so my rating is still the same.

Reviewed by Cellophanemaki10 / 10

The girls that get it get it

I'm not a film critic or student or anything like that. I'm just a person who likes watching movies. So I'm just gonna speak on the vibe and give these wonderfully talented people their flowers.

The vibe of this film was coffee with no sweetener, gatekept SoundCloud artists, a lazy day where you're happy and hopeful and that makes you a little sad and you don't know why.

As slow burn love letter to a childhood home and a bittersweet hello/goodbye, you could hear the director sneaking in his voice and story along with his characters. Everything from the pacing of this film to the lighting to the cinematography to the soundtrack captured and emersed you in the surreal-ness of leaving everything you've ever known behind.

I see and feel the vision the director had when making this film and I think he and actors pulled it off well.

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