Eva Braun

2015 [ITALIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Luca-Aversa10 / 10

A True Represenation of Italy's Society at its worst.

I was vexed by this film simply because it reaffirms a reality too close to me. Nepotism, something that Italians do unashamedly very well.

I should know, I come from a family that left Italy because of the difficulty this poses to everyday people who are not affiliated with anyone in 'Power'. I myself am reluctant to return to Italy because of this cancer which has been bringing the country down for centuries.

NOTHING is done on merit, its all about who you know and what you're willing to trade.

This movie exposes the underbelly of Italian nepotism and it possibly shows us how desperate people have become in their need for survival, and a social heed to progress or remain a 'nobody' forever.

Probably anyone who is not Italian will find this movie 'Funny' or even 'Aritistic' but for anyone who was born in Italy or has lived there for a few year, this film is brilliantly sad as it unmasks the 'Bel Paese'.

Reviewed by sol-5 / 10

How far would you go?

Not the biopic of Hitler's mistress that one might suspect from the title, this unusual film is rather set in contemporary Italy with the focus being an Italian millionaire who hires five youths to act out his sexual fantasies. While they are all paid, it is gradually revealed that each person has other reasons for agreeing to essentially be a sex slave; one is an aspiring filmmaker looking for funding, another hopes to be introduced to his contacts, and the list goes on. In this regard, the film seeks to be a study of how much people can be persuaded to degrade themselves with the promise of something worthwhile, and while the film has garnered comparisons to Pier Paolo Pasolini's 'Saló', the subjects of 'Eva Braun' are willing participants, even if they are physically repulsed by it all. It is clearly the filmmakers' intention to draw parallels to Pasolini though; the millionaire is called Pier after all, and -- like a movie director -- he often sits back in a chair, shouting instructions at those he hired - occasionally even demonstrating how to act. Curious as all this may sound, the film is let down by a nasty sense of humour that tends to trivialise the degradation; a virgin is deflowered through misuse of modern technology, the reason for the title turns out to be an unfunny joke before the end credits roll, and so on. The film also has a - perhaps unavoidable - sense of repetitiveness as everything gradually devolves into one act of depravity after another. It is a daringly different movie to say the least though, and Andrea Riva's take on a man with the spirit of Pasolini is arguably worth watching for alone.

Reviewed by grantss1 / 10

Random, pretentious, pointless

Random, pretentious, pointless.

The synopsis for this movie was interesting, in that it is (purportedly) based on the Marquis De Sade's "120 Days of Sodom" (which I haven't read) and Italian politics. It also seemed to have parallels with Pier Paulo Pasolini's "Salo - 120 Days of Sodom". I haven't seen Salo, but it is one of the most controversial movies ever made (and by many accounts one of the most offensive movies ever made).

So, could be interesting from a movie history perspective, and a literature perspective.

However, it is a total waste of time. Plot is random, at best, and incredibly pretentious. There is no point at all - it's just barely-connected scenes.

If there is any link to the book or movie there is the fact that the one character is named Pier and he is a rather eccentric, creepy film-maker. So it could be some sort of abstract Pasolini biopic, set in 2014. But that would be giving the writer and director of this movie far too much credit...

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