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Reviewed by bug7610 / 10

"There once was a man named Worrell-Ernest P. Worrell"

Move over Indiana Jones. Here comes Ernest P. Worrell, our underdog hero. Let me start out by saying this: 'Critics-Schmitics'. Don't let the nay saying critics and reviewers dissuade you from picking up this classic movie. No disrespect, but they obviously don't have a humorous bone in their bodies and don't know how to remove the stick from their butts. I love the Ernest genre and can be biased about Jim Varney but even if I didn't like some of the other Ernest movies, this is a true gem. This is like a live action cartoon and Varney is his own cartoon character. As he once said, "Oh, I guess I would be if I weren't just THAT close to being an actual cartoon." Listen to me and the other positive reviews. This was very well written and very well acted and consistent. The opening song is wonderful and describes Ernest to a T. You've got a 5 ton historical cannon named, "Goliath", lots of gun fire, a healthy dose of slapstick by the master himself, Varney, who voices a plethora of characters in top notch form. You have Dr. Abner Melon(Ron James and the 'Vern' of the movie),a meek history professor who is uptight, but thanks to Ernest, learns to loosen up and enjoy an adventure. There is Nan Melon(Linda Kash),Abner's annoying, and overbearing wife and two pesky salesman that finish each other's sentences with perfect timing. Tom Butler(Dr. Radnor T. Glencliff),who has played in various Lifetime movies as a lawyer and all around 'good guy', has the villainous role in this one and is great. He will stop at nothing, even to the point of killing Ernest to get at 'Goliath' and the crown jewels. Comedy ensues as Ernest is the one to find 'Goliath' and takes it for a wild ride everywhere a cannon should not be going. Varney and James play well off each other and this movie couldn't have been cast any better. But unlike other Ernest movies, Ernest seems to have a bit of a higher intellect in this one while still being that lovable hayseed we all know. Even if you're not a big fan of the Ernest genre, I urge you to give this one a chance and form your own opinions because, unlike the reviews of some critics, this movie definitely has merit. Not only did Varney bring back slapstick, he did it even better and was/is still one of the best at this brand of humor. As with all Ernest movies, this is free of vulgarity and filth but still a great ride, 'KnoWhutImean?'

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

More serious than the other 'Ernest' films but just as entertaining

With the 'Ernest' film series, there are people who get much entertainment out of them and finds a lot of appeal in Ernest. There are also people who dislike, or even outright hate, the films and find the character annoying. Both viewpoints are understandable.

For me, while they are not great films, the 'Ernest' films are mostly silly harmless fun that don't try to be any more than they need to be, and should be taken for what they are, rather than having any stereotypical notion of what a film of a certain genre or overall ought to do. They're mostly uneven but entertaining in a guilty pleasure sort of way, and Ernest is the sort of the character one can relate to easily. The sort of character that is a well-intended serial bungler with a strong heart but always finding himself messing up.

To me, the series' fifth film 'Ernest Rides Again' is an entertaining and worthy entry, if rather uneven. It's hardly one of the worst of the series, but to me there are better films too, such as the previous three films after 'Ernest Goes to Camp' (so 'Saves Christmas', 'Goes to Jail' and 'Scared Stupid').

'Ernest Rides Again' wasn't perfect from personal opinion. The final scenes are clumsily staged and improbable, even for an 'Ernest' film, while the villains are weakly and repetitively characterised (to me Tom Butler was slumming it and didn't really pose that much of an antagonist).

Character of Abner had his moments, he is more the straight-man guy and it's in these moments where the characterisation fares best, but the film also has a brasher side that jars and doesn't fit as a partner for Ernest or in the film. Ron James does play him well all things considered. Some of the physical comedy is a little childish and rather crude which also sticks out like a sore thumb.

However, 'Ernest Rides Again' is one of the better-looking 'Ernest' films. Loved the colourful locations and the photography is nowhere near as cheap and hasty as it can be. The soundtrack is nostalgic and energetic, and there are some very funny (if not particularly, but pretty much deliberately so, sophisticated) lines and wonderfully manic gags, anything with the cannon being among the highlights.

Another thing that 'Ernest Rides Again' does better than most other 'Ernest' films is that there is more story here and generally, apart from at the end, it takes itself more seriously, with more of a serious tone, which can be seen in the sincere and important (if not exactly subtle) moral. The energy levels are still high.

Jim Varney is still very funny and likable and James does quite well with a character that could have been better and more consistently written. Linda Kash is an amusing scene-stealer. It was only really with the villains where there were signs of bad acting, this said that may be just me.

Overall, entertaining if uneven. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-18 / 10

One Of Varney's Best In ''Ernest' Series

This was probably one of the better "Ernest" movies in that it moves fast which means it's pretty entertaining without being too stupid, as some of Jim Varney movies were. However, even this you can except a lot of "stupid" but some of that is part of Varney's charm as the lovable "Ernest P. Worrell," a man he made famous first with TV commercials and then with a handful of inane-but- Innocent comedies.

This 100-minute film would have much better chopped to 80 or 85 because there are some legitimate laugh-out-loud scenes. Varney does a lot of impressions, some of which are very good. The two nerdy salesmen in here are also funny. As with all the "Ernest" films, there is nothing really offensive in here. Today, this could almost be rated "G."

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