1987 [DANISH]

Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten29%
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Lars von Trier as Self / Dr. Mesmer
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Udo Kier as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho2 / 10

Deceptive, Messy, Boring, Annoying and Pretentious Movie with Disconnected Ideas

The screenwriters Lars and Niels are writing the screenplay of an outbreak like many other plagues in Europe. In the story, the renowned epidemiologist Dr. Mesmer decides to leave the Faculty of Medicine to go to the outskirt of the city to give assistance to the inhabitants. Soon, a mysterious disease is spread in the real world. Then the writers travel to Germany for a meeting and then they visit their producer, where they meet a hypnotized woman that is sick.

"Epidemic" is a deceptive, messy, boring, annoying and pretentious collection of disconnected ideas and senseless subplots by Lars von Trier with an awful grainy cinematography in black and white. I was tempted to stop the DVD, but unfortunately the box of the Trilogy of Lars von Trier was very expensive and I decided to watch until the irritating conclusion with a woman crying and screaming for a long period before committing suicide, increasing to my loss of money a complete loss of time. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Epidemic"

Reviewed by alexx6688 / 10


The plot: a director and a screenwriter lose the screenplay they've been working on due to hard disk corruption and start working on another project called "Epidemic". The film follows their misadventures but in the meantime a real epidemic is starting to develop around them, but goes by unnoticed. Oh and also fragments of the film-in-a-film "Epidemic" are shown in-between. Oh and Lars Von Trier (the director) and Niels Vorsel (the screenwriter) are the protagonists playing, ahem, the director and the screenwriter. Lovely.

And if by reading this the first thought that came to your mind is "black comedy", then go to the top of the class cause you're absolutely right. The best thing about this film is how it ridicules film-making and yet somehow is a good example of artistic pompousness. But then again we know that Von Trier is a cynical little bugger. Udo Kier's cameo recalling WW2 is brilliant. Be warned though, definitely an acquired taste.

Reviewed by jzappa8 / 10

This Hypnotic Abstraction is Truly Very Atmospheric and Creepy.

Epidemic appears to be all stylistic self-indulgence. It is filmed in black and white, with often purposely redundant subtitles. Each shot is very very long. Some are stoic, some are suddenly goofy, some are disturbing, mostly stoic. When there is dialogue, it is intellectually stimulating, but borderline irrelevant.

Mainly, it is that director Lars Von Trier and his screenplay collaborator Niels Vorsel play themselves, coming up with a last-minute script for a producer. This strand takes disproportionate turns with scenes from their script, in which Von Trier plays a radical doctor attempting to cure a modern-day epidemic. In an warped turn, the doctor finds that he himself has been spreading it. For so long, one is left without a clue as to why there is such a coincidence between the screenplay and the outside world, or any progressions of the different narrative strands' signifying signs. But it infects you. It burns you.

Whether or not the film is narcissistic, it is not form over function. Essentially, it is a basic exercise in what metaphysically affects the viewer. Consider the scene of the darker, quieter of the screenwriters in the subway, knowing predeterminately that the other one is going to die. Or when he looks in a mirror, turns to us, the camera, then the mirror again. Everything one expects would create a cohesive, sense-making narrative film is inverted and indeed develops an immediately conscious connection between itself and the audience.

That is not to say it eschews any fundamental aspect of quality. Udo Kier delivers one of the most amazing, fantastic performances I have ever seen. Really, many of the performances, whoever these actors, or characters, are, shock and deeply move us. Some scenes are entirely made up of uproarious laughter or breakdowns of screaming, in spite of the unapologetic stoicism and quiet permeating the film.

This hypnotic abstraction is truly very atmospheric and creepy. It is a transcendental, almost physiologically affecting virus that infests you for days upon being subjected to it. It is something that has to be seen and can hardly be explained. And that makes it a true work of art.

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